How to Choose an Efficient New Jersey Drunk Driving Attorney

Once in awhile, a person makes a bad decision. A man in Trenton underestimates the amount of alcohol he’s had to drink and its effect on him then gets behind the wheel of his car to drive home. On the way, he runs into a pedestrian in a crosswalk, injuring her pretty badly. It occurs to him that he now requires the services of a good New Jersey drunk driving attorney. The following will offer some suggestions that can help this man find the lawyer he needs in as short a time as possible.


Delta, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/02/2013 -- The first thing this man should do to get the lawyer he requires is to ask around to friends or family members that have gone through the same problem to find out who they chose to represent them in court. He should ask why they chose the lawyer they did, and what firm of New Jersey DUI attorneys he or she works for. He should then check that firm out. He’ll want to get former and current client feedback about all of the attorneys in the firm so he can begin to narrow down his search. Keeping in mind that time is of the essence, he may want to rely on this word-of-mouth to lead him to the best lawyer for him.

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If his court date is a few months away, there are other things the man can do to find an effective New Jersey drunk driving attorney. The local and state bar associations have records of all the solicitors under their jurisdictions. There are notifications about wins and losses as well as behavior in court, which can be very helpful in finding a good lawyer. Law registers are also quite informative. These list particular lawyers and their track records. Stopping by a university’s law library may also lead him to the best attorney for his needs. Paralegals and law students can offer sound input about the solicitors they work with because they are “in the trenches” with them. They see these women and men in action on a daily basis and are quite familiar with the way they conduct themselves both in and out of court.

Going online to look at partnerships of New Jersey DUI attorneys is also a smart option to take. There are several sites, such as Martindale, that give information about lawyers in a particular state. This can help the man narrow down his choices even further so he gets fair legal representation when he needs it.

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