How to Choose the Right Hotel - What Matters Most? Top7 Ways Revealed

Top7 ways to choose your hotel - endorsed by discerning Business Travelers


London, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/15/2013 -- Life, as they say, is lived to the fullest when there’s a balance between work, play, rest and time spent with our loved ones, and what better way is there to unwind and spend time with family than going away on a perfect holiday so choosing the right hotel is indeed a very important task. We at WorldTop7  have gathered quality insider information from our network of frequent business travelers and regular best quality holiday hotel hunters who have traveled around the globe to guide you in your search for the most restful and comfortable stay that you can have at a hotel whether you are staying for business, tours, or plain relaxation.

Personalized Greeting at Check-In

Frequent travelers who are away from home most of the year, like in George Clooney’s film “Up In The Air”, especially Business Travelers, can very much relate to this key hotel attribute of going the extra mile in making sure that they have personalized greetings for hotel guests upon arrival.  Hotels who offer a personal touch even go as far as googling guest information or looking up Facebook profile pictures to be able to greet visitors by name as they arrive, making guests feel very special.

Bathroom Shelf and Space

Don’t you just hate stepping into a crammed bathroom where you have to walk sideways from the sink to the bath and there isn’t even any space to put your toiletries and your toothbrush on? This is not an issue brought up only by women who need shelf space for makeup kits but also by frequent male travelers who need somewhere to put their shavers and colognes. Having adequate legroom and shelving in the bathroom is indeed important in having a comfortable hotel stay.

Shower Curtains

We all know how irritating it can get when shower curtains stick to our backs or our legs while having a wash. Old fashioned hotels still put up shower curtains nowadays but contemporary hotels have switched to using sliding shower doors and the likes so bet find out before making a booking.

Cozy Lobby Lounge or Bar

WorldTop7 has a comprehensive list of recommended restaurants, bars, and entertainment venues for key cities around the world but what if you only want a drink or two or wanting a snug corner to enjoy a good book where you can still enjoy getting served drinks or snacks? Like the concept of the very exclusive  Soho House chain of hotels, it is imperative that a hotel features a welcoming lobby lounge or bar to make guests feel well at home even when they are miles away from their abode.

Hotel Rates and Pricing

Price is of course a priority in choosing the best hotel and we are here to ensure that you get your money’s worth. Established hotel booking sites like Agoda in Asia and in Europe and every other hotel search website promises to find the lowest priced accommodation but we offer so much more – WorldTop7  GUARANTEES not only the best price of hotels around the globe plus last minute deals and hotel packages, but also the utmost comfort and luxury that goes with the hotel price range

Convenient Location

Just like the Television Series Title – Location! Location! Location! - Convenience in locality is a non-negotiable hotel must have so we at  WorldTop7  have categorized hotels according to your needs - City Centre and financial district location for Business Travellers, Downtown hotels for city breaks, mountainside and vineyard vistas for romantic holidays, sizzling seaside hotels for beach adventures, wonderful resorts ideal for Family vacations – you name it and we have it! Read up on our “Good To Know” points about each hotel to see important information and unique features each accommodation has to offer.

Great Quality Pillows

Last on our checklist but one of the most important hotel attribute is having cloud-like puffy pillows to rest your head on. A restful night’s sleep is vital especially for frequent business travelers who need to be on the top of their game the next morning so a superior mattress and comfortable pillows are a necessity.  Several hotels have signature bedding and offer a “pillow menu” so guests get to choose how firm or fluffy they want their pillow to be able to enjoy a perfect night’s sleep.

We at WorldTop7 make sure that each and every hotel we recommend have the best hotel qualities and that all 7 boxes are ticked to ensure that you get you deserve which is no less than the most restful and comfortable hotel experience!

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