How to Consolidate Student Loan Debt Easy Debt Consolidation Plan for Colleges Students

Many university graduates are facing the daunting task of repaying college financial debt, and they’re not sure how to go about it.


Phoenix, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/26/2013 -- Many university graduates are facing the daunting task of repaying college financial debt, and they’re not sure how to go about it. is here to help them out by suggesting methods of debt consolidation student loans, such as:

- Federal Loan Consolidation
- Private Loan Combining
- When to Access Consolidation
- Debt Consolidation Companies

Merging Federal Student Loans

Federal loans can be combined, making debt consolidation student loan debt easy. When all of one’s student loan debt is put together, a new loan is given to him that covers the amount of all the other loans. That’s called consolidation, and the best thing about it is having one payment each month, rather than many. Health Education, Federal Nursing, and Federal Perkins loans can all be consolidated. Direct Subsidized and Unsubsidized loans, Federal Stafford loans, and Direct PLUS loans can also be merged, so don’t worry if consolidation is something one desires; just do it.

Student Loan Debt are not eligible for consolidation. If you are in default, you must meet certain requirements before you can consolidate your loans.Apply For Free Online Help!

Combining Private Student Loans

Debt consolidation student loans has to be handled differently than Federal Loans. This is because the two cannot be combined, and Federal student aid agencies will not accept private loans for merging. A former college pupil must apply for consolidation of his student loans through a private lender, typically the bank or credit union from which he originally obtained them. Generally, these institutions will happily combine private loan debt at a reasonable interest rate, so a graduate can receive a lower payment per month.

When to Consolidate Debt

A person should know when the time is right for debt consolidation student loans balances is necessary. For example, if one is robbing from Peter to pay Paul every month just to make the minimum payments on all of his educational debts, it’s time. If he cannot pay all of his other bills, such as rent, utilities, and grocery expenses on time and in full, it’s time. When he nearly breaks out in tears because he just can’t seem to get ahead on these student loan debts, it’s definitely time to condense them into one loan.

Companies Specializing in Debt Consolidation

There are businesses out there that focus only on providing debt combining services. If conventional banks or credit unions have failed to help one obtain debt consolidation student loans, check out a debt consolidation company; it’s likely they’ll be able to assist one. Just watch out for fraudulent debt consolidation businesses, such as those that require up-front fees or that refuse to explain one’s responsibilities and regulations pertaining to the company.

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