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How to Eliminate Herpes with Natural Herpes Heal

Resolve Herpes offers 50 day natural mineral detox heal for herpes which eliminates the root cause of the disease from body cells


Auckland, New Zealand -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/22/2013 -- Resolve Herpes has introduced what the company states is a complete heal for herpes with a natural 50-day mineral detox called ResolveHerpes. There are several heals for herpes available, but none is efficient in completely eliminating the causal virus and preventing reoccurrences. These heals do not effectively boost the immunity system of the patients but merely destroy the released virus while the root cause still exists in the cells. Resolve Herpes states that the herpes detox program of the company helps the body develop the immunity required to eliminate the herpes virus from the body on its own.

ResolveHerpes formula is a combination of specific minerals which the company has been using to heal Herpes for the last 10 years. The mineral detoxification helps heal Herpes through a two step process spanning 50 days with a one-day interval in between the two steps. The product has been developed to heal herpes virus, both HSV-1 and HSV-2.

The detox formula does not eliminate any particular virus by itself. The heal elevates the immunity level so that any virus, including herpes, is eliminated by the body itself. Unlike other methods, ResolveHerpes completely eliminates viruses from the body cells rather than just suppress it.

An exulted former herpes sufferer, who undertook the 50-Day mineral detox, said, “I did the herpes program and I am a completely different person today. I used to spend every day wondering if this is the day I have an outbreak, but no more! Thanks to all the people at the Resolve Team."

According to the description of the heal, the body will become free of Herpes virus in 50 days followed by certain clearing symptoms for a couple of months more. Resolve Herpes provides additional products that will help with the clearing symptoms. The company emphasizes the cost-effectiveness of ResolveHerpes, as it offers a lifetime heal for $299 and additional $25 for tracking charges as compared to many other expensive treatment procedures.

Resolve Herpes team recommends the heal to the infected person’s partner also as there are chances of transmission of the virus to the partner. The company’s final word on the disease is to take adequate precautions to prevent a re-occurrence.

More details of ResolveHerpes 50-day natural detox can be viewed at the official website of Resolve Herpes

About Resolve Herpes
Resolve All, an innovative company based in Auckland, New Zealand, developed ResolveHerpes with the expertise of a doctor. He has developed and refined a natural remedy using a potent combination of minerals, helping the body achieve an efficient immune system. This combination of minerals have helped boost immune systems of thousands of patients and uprooted their diseases from the cellular level. The company has had success in New Zealand for the past 10 years and has expanded its market to the rest of the world since 2008.

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