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Over 33% of first marriages end in divorce, and the number is higher for second marriages. When the time comes to work out the terms of a divorce, it can be unclear whether or not a divorce attorney is necessary. The following will provide some criteria to help take the confusion out of answering the question “Do I need a lawyer for a divorce?” so that part of dissolving a marriage can be somewhat easier.


Pittsfield, MA -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/18/2012 -- Some of the queries one needs to address when pondering the necessity of hiring a divorce attorney deal with the length of the union (short or decades long), how much, if any, community property there is, and issues surrounding child custody and support. The answer to “Do I need a lawyer to get a divorce?” is…maybe. If a divorcing couple can agree on property division, child-related matters, and other concerns amicably, then it’s probably not vital to hire a divorce attorney. Understand that an attorney is not a required personage in family court; however, there are procedural items that must be adhered to exactly as the court defines, so it’s a good idea to do some research about these proceedings in a university law library or by checking with a paralegal. Another option to look into state-by-state family court procedures is to go online and type in the state in which one is residing. Many of these websites are free and offer current, accurate facts regarding the divorce process in one’s state. This enables an individual to go into family court well prepared for the courses of action that will occur.

Do I need a lawyer for a divorce?” has the same answer: Maybe. Attorneys can be expensive, though, so be sure to research all options before making a decision. Sometimes, if a couple is still friendly but wishes to be divorced, they can hire one marriage dissolution attorney to organize facts, important date, and other divorce-related information. The way it works is this: The spouses will decide everything and put their agreement in writing. One of them will then take it to the lawyer, who will put everything in its proper order and submit it to the court. This is a much less costly way to utilize the services of a family law solicitor who specializes in divorce. Obviously, if the divorcing spouses are acrimonious toward each other and cannot work out the divorce agreement, it is best to hire an attorney.

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