How to Find a Good Divorce Attorney for Men

No matter how many ways divorce is looked at, it’s a hard process to go through. Some of the time, divorce lawyers aren’t necessary, as an amicable split is being made between the divorcing couple. Other times, one of the parties involved in the divorce will hire a lawyer, and it’s likely to be the woman. The following will look into how a husband can find a good divorce attorney for men so his rights will be well-represented in court.


Pittsfield, MA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/16/2013 -- Lawyers across the country have made a killing, so to speak, by representing women in divorce proceedings. They step up to the podium in the courtroom ready to do whatever it takes to win the best settlement for their client. For a long time, men passively watched the proceedings go on, not really making much noise about their rights. That has changed today, and there are hundreds of thousands of divorce attorneys for men out there, waiting to represent these formerly passive guys in their divorces. The question is how to find the best one for a given situation. Here are some suggestions to make choosing the right attorney easier.

Begin the search by speaking to family members or friends who have gone through a divorce. Ask them which divorce attorney for men they chose, and why. If a few names come up frequently, make appointments with those lawyers. Prior to attending these appointments, make a list of pertinent questions to ask. This list should include what the solicitor’s hourly rate is, what extra fees (besides filing fees) will be levied during the course of the proceedings, and who else (paralegals, law students) will be working on the case. The more information one can acquire from an initial meeting, the better his chances are of selecting the best attorney for his case.

Other ways to look for divorce attorneys for men include going to a nearby university’s law library and talking with the law students and paralegals there. These folks have long-term interaction with many of the lawyers and can offer insights into how particular lawyers perform in court and how they treat their co-workers, paralegals, and other staff while preparing for a case. Looking online at the state or local bar association’s website can be very helpful in narrowing down the search. These associations keep track of every lawyer under their jurisdictions and can provide information about any judicial reprimands an attorney has had, as well as track record in court. Having this data can really help one choose the best lawyer for his situation.

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