How to Find a Licensed Contractor for Home Improvement Projects: Check-out Now


Pittsfield, MA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/15/2013 -- is here to help by offering some insight on how best to do this, such as:

- Locating a Contractor’s License Number
- Comparison Shop
- Personal Recommendations
- Verify Contractor’s Business Address

Finding the License Number

There is a very simple response to how to find a contractor’s license number: Just look for it! Most contractors put their names, address, and contact information on their trucks, in the telephone book, or on the Internet. When there’s a truck nearby, look it over, as most states’ laws dictate that the contractor’s license number be clearly visible. Many ads, especially on television, also carry the license number. One can also check with the Contractors State License Board to find this information.

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Shop Around

As with any product, one should look at several examples of it before making a decision, so when trying to find a contractor, meet with 3 – 4 different ones. Obtain at least three bids and compare them based upon the exact same factors. Don’t accept the lowest bid for one’s project, as this could lead to shoddy workmanship or a lack of attention to details. When a contractor arrives at one’s home, ask for his pocket license and photo ID to ascertain that the person one is about to work with is the same person whose picture is on the ID.

Talk about It

If one is wondering how to find a general contractor, here’s a great tip: Talk to others who have hired such a person and ask them who they chose and why. Chat with local material suppliers, subcontractors, and lending institutions to find out if a prospective contractor is fiscally responsible. Trade associations, town or city building departments, and the Better Business Bureau are also excellent sources of judgment. They work closely with contractors and so have a great deal of insight into their personalities and capabilities.

Confirm the Business Address

Make sure that the contractor one has hired has a valid, permanent business address and phone number. It’s easy to get taken by a guy who operates his contracting business out of the back of a pickup truck and has a cell phone number only. Knowing where the contractor’s office or headquarters is makes it easier when one needs to find a contractor after the work has been completed.

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