How to Find a Reasonably Priced Divorce Attorney


Delta, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/07/2014 -- People go college, take a job they hope will last, get married, have kids, and, sometimes, end up divorced. Painful as that process can be, it can be made more so by having to find a decent attorney who doesn’t charge exorbitant prices. However, some lawyers’ fees for divorce representation are shockingly high., the most reliable source of legal information, is here to provide assistance to those seeking a reasonably priced attorney.

Some of the questions that may be addressed in a complimentary initial conversation may include:

- Understanding Where Fees Come From
- Draw Up a Fee Agreement
- Devise a Mutually Acceptable Divorce Settlement
- Do Not Shop by Price

The Source of Fees
Surprisingly, the fees a divorce lawyer can charge may be as high as $1,000 per month just for phone conversations, adding up to $12,000 each year for the privilege of speaking to his attorney once a day for 2-3 minutes. Other places lawyers’ fees for divorce work come from document filing. There are many pieces of paper that go along with a divorce, and each one that must be filed with the court prior to actually appearing there. Add to that the costs of the lawyer turning up for the court date, and it gets scarily expensive to hire decent representation.

Obtain a Signed Fee Contract
Understand that divorce lawyers charge by the hour and usually demand a retainer at the beginning of service. Once the retainer is used up, the complainant is responsible for any additional fees charged until the end of the divorce proceeding. Among all the information can give to a divorcing individual, this may be the most important. Get a signed fee agreement with the attorney before going too far in the divorce process. This can save thousands of dollars by the end of the process.

DIY Divorce Agreement
If it’s at all possible, try to devise a divorce agreement that both parties are comfortable with – without the help of a lawyer. This alone can cut lawyers’ fees for divorce representation in half, if not more. In some cases, the divorce is amicable, so working together to agree to terms is an excellent way to reduce the money one would otherwise have to pay an attorney.

Low Price = Poor Ability?
When searching for a divorce lawyer, make sure that the budget does not make the choice. is available around the clock and has lots of suggestions to keep legal prices low; just go online to start the learning. Specific things to look for when beginning the search for a decent lawyer are what law school he graduated from and how his grades were. If an attorney charges much less than several others, chances are he’s not very good. Be sure to choose wisely when looking for the right legal representative.

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