How to Find an Effective Divorce Lawyer for Men: Get More Info to Find Best

Divorce can go one of several ways: The parties will be civil and respectful, they’ll attempt civility but fail at it, or they’ll be openly acrimonious. There is an unspoken truth that women are generally favored over men in divorce settlements. For males going through this process, it is vital to find a divorce lawyer for men. The following will offer some ideas about how to find a good men’s divorce attorney so every man will be treated fairly throughout this process.


Pittsfield, MA -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/14/2012 -- Over 33% of first marriages fail, and the failure rate increases in subsequent unions. Not very encouraging news, is it? Sadly, there’s more: Women are more fairly treated in divorce proceedings than men are, almost 85% of the time. While this is totally wrong, it’s also true. This is why a new law specialty is forming: divorce lawyers for men are becoming the fastest-growing legal representatives out there. This is good, as it is high time men are properly represented in Family Court. They must be recognized as contributing members to their marriages and divorces, as well as co-parents with their former wives. They deserve to be given just, reasonable treatment while in court, and it has become the goal of these new law specialists to help in that endeavor.

So how does a guy find a good divorce lawyer for men? There are several steps to the process, starting with asking around. Talk to family members or friends who have been divorced and find out who they chose to stand up for them in court. Ask what the qualities of the attorney were that made him a good choice for them. If a name or two comes up repeatedly, perhaps scheduling an appointment with the lawyer(s) is a good idea. When meeting with an attorney, go prepared with relevant questions such as how much his hourly fee is, who else will be working on the case with him, and what other fees are involved such as filing fees. Be sure to discuss the reasons for the divorce as well, and get some preliminary advice about how to get through the procedure as unscathed as possible.

Bar association registers are useful sources of information about the attorneys under their jurisdiction. They keep records of a lawyer’s success or lack thereof in court, which can contribute a great deal to choosing an attorney. All divorce lawyers for men, as well as every other kind of attorney, are listed in this register, so look it over carefully.

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