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One out of every three marriages in America ends up in divorce, and the odds decrease with subsequent unions. Not very encouraging, is it? Unfortunately, the need for an experienced family divorce lawyer arises more often these days than ever before. The following will delve into how to find the right divorce attorney for one’s specific situation.


Pittsfield, MA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/29/2013 -- Sadly, the mate one chose for life has changed, or maybe oneself has, but either way, the marriage is over. While some divorces can be amicable, it appears that this one cannot, so it’s time to call in the attorneys. With so many family divorce lawyers out there, how is one to choose the right one? Well, to start with, she should ask family members or friends who have gone through a divorce which attorneys they chose to represent them, and why. Did this lawyer have a strong physical presence and really seem knowledgeable in family law? Was that attorney supportive of her client’s specific needs and circumstances? After enough feedback, at least three solicitors’ names should come up repeatedly. That being the case, it would be wise to make initial appointments with them. Prepare for these meetings by making a list of pertinent questions to ask a prospective attorney. Ask about her hourly rate, who else might work the case with her and how that person would be paid, and what other fees besides the filing fee would be involved in the case. Listen to instinct to get a feel for the appropriate divorce attorney for one’s situation.

Other methods to help choose a good family divorce lawyer include going online and typing in what sort of attorney is needed. Most solicitors have websites nowadays, so check a few of them out. Be sure to get both former and current client feedback and find out how long a wait it might be before getting in to see someone. Accessing the local or state bar association’s register of attorneys under their jurisdiction can also be helpful. These registers can state lawyers’ wins and losses in court, as well as whether or not they've had any judicial reprimands.

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This information is very important at the beginning of the search. Connecting with a lawyer-match service may be of some assistance. These services can be either online or listed in the telephone book and are exactly what they say they are: services that match individuals with attorneys who specialize in their area of legal issue. Ask another lawyer, say, a business attorney, who he feels would be effective representation for one’s case.

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