How to Find the Best Child Custody Lawyers


Delta, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/01/2013 -- As an about-to-be-single parent trying to gain custody of the children, it’s really important to choose from the best child custody lawyers to present one’s case. An exceptional way to start the search is to ask other parents who have gone through the same situation. Inquire about which child custody attorney they chose to help them in court, and find out what characteristics the lawyer had that made them opt for him over others.

Check out a Lawyer Referral Service
Many lawyer referral services provide lists of the best child custody lawyers. These businesses are enrollment-based, so any attorney who can pay the joining fee can get on the list. Finding such a service is easy; simply go online or look in the Yellow Pages. The referral company keeps a record of the attorney’s successes or failures in court and can give a person good insight about several lawyers. has some suggestions to help find that lawyer, such as:

- Ask Other Parents
- Use an Attorney Referral Service
- Single-Parent Support Groups
- Community Leaders

Divorced Parent Support Groups
Not only will there be other parents who are fighting for their children in this sort of group, there will be group leaders. These folks are a font of information about the best child custody lawyers in the area because they deal with them every day. They can offer opinions about which lawyers really go in fighting for their clients and which don’t tackle the problem with vigor. They can also supply names, addresses, and office phone numbers for attorneys parents frequently use to win custody.

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Talk to Community Leaders
The director of the chamber of commerce can offer some input about the best child custody lawyers in the city or township. People from all walks of life talk to the director, so he learns which professionals in all realms are most highly spoken of. Often, the individuals who hire experts for help in various situations give feedback to the chamber of commerce so they, in turn, can pass the information to others. Through word of mouth, the very best lawyers for child custody can be found and put to work.

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