How to Find the Best Divorce Attorney for Men

Divorce rates fluctuate from state to state, but here is one fact across the board: Over one-third of first marriages end in divorce, and 25% of second marriage do, too. Whether the dissolution of a marriage is amicable or not, one should ask oneself “How to find a good divorce attorney?” The following information will shed some light on that topic.


Delta, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/30/2012 -- There are several tips about how to find a good divorce attorney. The first one is to ask others that have gone through the process which lawyer they chose and why. If one particular attorney’s name is recurrent, perhaps he should be checked out more closely. Set up an appointment with him and observe the way he interacts with his staff. Is he short and sharp when speaking to them, or is he mild-mannered but effective? Do his associates seem comfortable with him or afraid of him? A person can learn much by seeing how someone behaves around his co-workers and assistants.

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Another suggestion about how to find a divorce attorney is to go online to the state bar association’s website. The bar association has a plethora of information on the lawyers under its jurisdiction, some of which is whether they have had any judicial reprimands or not and what their track records are while in court. Look for any peer feedback the bar association might be able to provide, as it helps one make an informed decision. Make times to interview several divorce lawyers before settling on one. Listen to how they speak about the topic of divorce and if they exhibit any bias toward one spouse or the other. Be sure that any potential divorce attorney specializes only in divorce, for it is likely she will be very well-versed on that topic if she has that specialization. Choose a lawyer who has extensive courtroom experience so he will not become overwhelmed while stating one’s case.

The most important tip about how to find the best divorce attorney is to listen to instinct. When meeting with an attorney, pay attention not only to his body language, but to one’s own. If one is uptight and sitting ramrod still while the lawyer is talking, perhaps this is not the right solicitor for one’s case. If one can be relaxed and focused on what an attorney is saying and the attorney is attentive to what one is discussing, she may be the right one.

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