How to Fix Bad Credit Report, Help for Bad Credit Repair

While many individuals live under the dark cloud of poor credit standings, most of them do not know how to fix bad credit. Carrying their debt around with them causes stress and worry and makes everyday life more difficult. The following information will share some thoughts about repairing mediocre credit scores so these people can live happier, less stressful lives.


Phoenix, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/26/2012 -- Anyone interested in learning how to fix bad credit for free should pay attention to the ensuing fact: Everyone can repair their own not-so-good credit without the use of outside credit repair companies. The first step in the process is to obtain a free copy of one’s credit report. This can be done through any of the Big Three credit reporting agencies: Experian, TransUnion, or Equifax. Next, go over the report carefully to locate any errors or inconsistencies. If there are some of either, dispute them with the reporting company, in writing and by registered mail. It may take some time, but if negative marks can be stricken from one’s credit report, it’s worth doing. Stay organized while pursuing removal of negative strikes; keep good, accurate records and copies of everything in a safe place.

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Other steps to take regarding how to fix a bad credit report are to challenge the specific information on the credit report. If some of the data deals with collection accounts, there are several ways to argue that will effectively remove those items. One can pay for the delete, which means he can get a collection agency to remove the charge from his credit report if he pays the amount due – without interest or other accrued fees. There are more ways to dispute collection agencies charges, such as settling the debt or demanding debt validation.

Many of the steps above can be used to answer how to fix a bad credit score. Apply for a credit card and use it wisely to improve a credit score. If one is unable to obtain a regular card, try for a secured one. This is when a person puts money into an account and the issuing lender gives that person a line of credit equal to that amount. Also, adding an installment loan like an auto loan or mortgage can help raise a low score. One must know what items are most worth disputing, like charge-offs or late payments incurred by someone other than the person whose name is on the report. Utilizing any of the tips outlined here can help repair a poor credit score.

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