How to Fix Credit - Know How to Fix Bad Credit Report

As a result of current economic conditions many people have seen their credit go downhill. While this is not always their fault, it falls on their shoulders to do something about it. Our standard of living relies heavily on our ability to obtain credit; this means we need to take the initiative to learn how to fix credit in order to restore our previous standard of living and financial well-being.


Phoenix, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/02/2013 -- Need to fix credit in order to buy a new car! This is something that many people face as they realize the car they are driving is not going to make it through another winter. They may also be thinking they may want to buy a new house, so they will need to know how to fix credit in order to make their dream come true. That isn't a difficult task, you simply need to learn the steps and follow through on them.

The process of fixing or repairing credit requires a little research time. Once you know the importance of knowing how to fix credit, the process will fall into place easily. Before you do anything else you want to obtain a copy of your credit report in order to review it for accuracy and report any inconsistencies that may be having an effect on your credit score. This is an essential step because it is difficult to attempt to fix credit issues you don’t know exists.

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What are you looking for when you review your credit report? As mentioned above you want to look for inaccurate and inconsistent information. This might include things like the recording of late payments that were never late or even accounts listed in your name that do not belong to you.

You also want to look for negative information such as late payments, charge offs, collection accounts, judgment and bankruptcies. Any of this information will have a substantial effect on your credit score. The quicker you obtain this information the easier it will be for you to take the steps that will teach you how to fix credit.

Knowing how to fix credit is a job that is time-consuming but well worth the effort in the end. However, it goes without saying you need to file a dispute letter with all the credit bureaus on any negative accounts. If the creditors do not respond to these letters with proof of their validity, the credit bureaus must remove the information which will bring your score up almost immediately.

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