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KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/28/2013 -- Personal credit reports also known as credit history is a document detailing an individual’s financial behavior and other credit information in a simple manner. Using this credit file, the individual will be able to understand the aspects taken into consideration by finance lenders when they review credit histories of loan applicants. However, personal credit check requires information about the individual to be gathered from various sources including creditors and public records. Creditcheck123 can get the job done faster.

The company is specialized in preparing detailed credit reports for its customers. “If you are looking to check your credit score and get a detailed report, our 3 in 1 credit report is exactly what you need” states the website. The 3 in 1 credit reports will provide customers with details including their credit status, defaults on payments, judgments, and personal credit profile activities. The highlight is that the reports will also have data gathered from all of the three major credit bureaus.

It has been quite easy to keep track of one’s credit score since the introduction of the National Credit Act, and it’s always a good idea to be fully aware of one’s financial status. This is the reason why people go for credit reports. Most credit reports may lack some details. But Creditcheck123 promises that each credit check is done such that the reports include all details that customers would require.

The website provides an easier way for customers to perform a credit check on themselves. With Creditcheck123, all one needs to do is just fill up the form in the website and send it. The company uses an advanced credit checking mechanism to yield a fully detailed yet uncomplicated credit report. The details provided in the form will be run against all the major credit bureaus. The final credit report will be sent to the customer. Simplicity, security, and confidentiality are guaranteed by the company. Visit the company website for more details on credit reports and applying for a credit check.

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The 123 group Creditcheck123, based in South Africa, follows a simple process to effectively prepare detailed 3 in 1 credit reports for customers. The highlight is that customers can do a credit check online anywhere if they have computer access with internet.

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