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How to Get a Boyfriend by Knowing Where to Find Them Is Explained in Helpful Detail on New Website


Tempe, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/05/2012 -- Right now, hundreds of thousands of young women across the country are wondering how to get a boyfriend.

But as anyone who has tried to meet a nice guy knows, wanting a boyfriend and actually getting one are two different things. While some young ladies seem to have no issue finding a good man, for most it can be a long, lonely and often frustrating process that involves kissing a lot of frogs before finding a prince.

A new website has already been getting a lot of attention for its helpful tips and advice that explain in detail where and how to get a boyfriend.

How-to-get-a-boyfriend.org was founded by relationships and dating specialist Darren Kilgariff. His website features a wide variety of articles that offer reassurance, information and real world advice on how to get a boyfriend.

For example, many ladies need help knowing where they can meet decent guys. Many are tired of the bar scene or signing up at a variety of dating websites, and they need the inside scoop on some of the other places where great men hang out.

“A lot of girls I talk to are OK with talking to guys and building a rapport, but don’t like the places they’re going to meet these guys,” Kilgariff wrote in an article on his website, adding that he knows that there’s nothing worse than feeling trapped in a personal rut due to going to the same bars and websites over and over.

“Now generally, when you see a guide like this, it just gives you a list of ‘where guys hang out’. And that seems like an easy question – after all, there will be some kind of guys anywhere besides a convent. But you want to find the ‘right’ kind of guy – someone energetic, smart, and doing something useful with their lives.

As Kilgariff noted, volunteering can be a great way to meet nice guys. Not only is it pretty easy to tell who is single—because most people who are in relationships will come to the event with their significant others—but women are also pretty certain to meet men who care about others.

Another good place to meet guys is the local mall. This can be especially effective for women who are a bit more outgoing and are not shy about walking up and introducing themselves to people. Kilgariff suggests trying to talk to 10 or 20 guys for just a few minutes each during each outing.

About how-to-get-a-boyfriend.org
How-to-get-a-boyfriend.org was created by Darren Kilgariff, who specialises in Relationships and Dating. The website, which is now 3 months old, has been formulated to provide ladies with a guide on how best to captivate men and attract them for relationship/dating purposes. For more information, please visit http://how-to-get-a-boyfriend.org