How to Get a Divorce Lawyer and a Free Consultation

Those who have been through a divorce understand how tough it can be. It can be even more difficult if one doesn’t have the wherewithal to hire a divorce attorney.


Pittsfield, MA -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/01/2013 -- has some suggestions about how to get a divorce lawyer and a free consultation. Some of these tips include:

- Finding a Divorce Lawyer
- Requesting a Free Consultation
- What to Ask
- How to Choose

Locating a Divorce Attorney

Here’s how to find a firm of divorce lawyers that offers a free consultation with one of the attorneys. Talk to acquaintances, other divorcees, and different lawyers to get input about the divorce attorneys in one’s area. Ask why these people chose the solicitor they did and if they were completely satisfied with his representation. Word of mouth is often the best selling point, even for lawyers.

Asking for a Consult

Almost every divorce lawyer offers a free consultation to discuss the basics of a divorce case. However, some don’t. To request a free initial conference, one should telephone the attorney he wishes to interview. The lawyer will most likely chat a bit with him, trying to get the gist of grounds for his divorce. However, he should politely ask for a face-to-face meeting so he can see what the attorney looks like and how he interacts with co-workers and paralegals. In most cases, the lawyer will agree to the meeting.

Questions for the Attorney

Once someone has scheduled the sit-down meeting with one of the divorce lawyers that provide a free consultation, he would be wise to make a list of questions. Foremost, he’ll want to know the lawyer’s hourly rate. If the rate is too high for him to afford, he should thank the attorney for his time and graciously excuse himself. If he feels that the hourly amount the lawyer charges is reasonable, then he should ask who else will be working on the case, such as paralegals, law students, and the like. Get a “feel” for the attorney so a wise decision can be made about hiring him.

Send Request to Get Free Consultation with Divorce Lawyers in Your Area

Choosing the Right Divorce Attorney

Not every divorce lawyer who gives a free consultation is going to be a good fit. There may be personality differences or philosophical disparities. The lawyer may be uncomfortable with making eye contact or his hygiene may leave something to be desired. The degree of comfort a person has with a lawyer immediately indicates whether or not he’s the best choice, so rely on instinct to make the right choice.

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