How to Get a Free and Cheap Divorce Lawyers Help in Georgia

Divorce can be volatile or friendly, but it always causes some degree of emotional pain. If someone in Atlanta needs a divorce attorney but doesn’t have the funds to afford one, he’s in luck.


Pittsfield, MA -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/27/2013 -- There are several ways to obtain low-cost or free divorce lawyers in Georgia. One of them is to go to the government link for one’s state and type in “free or low-cost divorce attorneys”. This will lead one to the inexpensive lawyers in his area. A second method is to access the legal aid department in one’s state. Legal aid firms are available in every state and will appoint a divorce attorney to one’s case at little to no cost. A third technique to utilize is locating pro bono clinics in one’s area. has researched cheap divorce lawyers in Georgia and is happy to share the results thereof, such as:

- Where to Look
- Legal Aid Attorneys
- Qualifications for Legal Aid
- Pro Bono Clinics

Finding an Inexpensive Divorce Attorney

Legal Aid Georgian Divorce Lawyers

Legal aid attorneys are supported in part by state and local governments. This means those who have low income can obtain one of the cheap divorce lawyers in Georgia for a minimal fee or no charge at all. All one has to do to find such an attorney is go to the legal aid website to begin the application process. The office will send out a packet of forms to fill out and return, after receipt of which an attorney will be assigned to the case.

Eligibility Requirements for Legal Aid

To qualify for legal aid services, an individual’s income must be less than 125% of the listed federal poverty guidelines. If one has a disability, one may be able to receive legal aid assistance. To be assigned one of the many free divorce lawyers in Georgia through legal aid, one must provide proof of domestic violence, be a military member who has low income, or have a special situation where the welfare of a child is at stake.

Pro Bono Legal Clinics

Many law firms in every state offer pro bono legal clinics. These are led by respectable divorce, civil rights, and criminal attorneys and are free to those who wish to attend. This is a great way to access cheap divorce lawyers in Georgia because it doesn’t get less expensive than free. These lawyers are well-versed in the areas they specialize in and can be of great assistance when necessary.

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