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How to Get a Girlfriend and Other Dating Advice at the Tao of Badass Investigator


Tempe, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/21/2013 -- There are some men who seem to have no trouble meeting women. They date who they want, when they want and never have an issue landing the most attractive women. Then there are men who seem to wear woman repellant. They couldn’t catch a date with a net. Or if they do, it’s not the type of woman they really want. The Tao of Badass Investigator is a website for them – the guys who have no “game.” It offers advice on how to get a girlfriend or just meet and date more women.

Thetaoofbadassinvestigator.com website was founded on the premise that men have historically gotten bad dating and relationship advice. For years they’ve been misled to believe that women are attracted to superficial things like money, looks and muscles and made to feel if they don’t have them, they should just stay home. It aims to dispel this myth and set the record straight, with unusual tips and advice for getting women.

Visitors to http://thetaoofbadassinvestigator.com will find articles and comparisons of different products and approaches that try to help men live more successful dating lives. For example, a recent article, “7 Dating Tips for Men Towards the Heart of Women,” advises men on where to focus their attention and how to remain confident during a date. Another piece, “How to Attract Women Even if You are an Average Joe,” supports the fact that women are not solely interested in rich, handsome men. It suggests men approach dating with a positive attitude and confidence about their attributes.

One product the site reviews in detail is The Tao of Badass, a book by Josh Pellicer, a self-described loser turned ladies man. Pellicer says more than 110,000 men who’ve tried his approach have significantly upped their dating game. By taking his advice and following his step-by-step program, Pellicer claims men will attract top-notch, beautiful women whenever they want based on the theory of “pre-selection.” According to the reviewer, the verdict on The Tao of Badass and its tips for getting women is that it does in fact work as compared to other methods.

About The Tao of Badass Investigator
The Tao of Badass Investigator is a new website for men who want to date more and better women. It’s updated with articles and advice for men on how to attract the types of women they want and comparisons of different approaches being marketed today. For more information, visit: http://thetaoofbadassinvestigator.com