How to Get a Personal Loan to Pay off Debt with Bad Credit

It is the nature of human beings to want something for nothing. This is how buying things on credit appears to work. Simply slap down a credit card and an item becomes a possession. The problem arises when the credit card(s) gets too much use, leading one into a heavy debt load. When the load becomes too much to carry, it may be time to look for personal loans to pay off debt. The following will delve into if such things exist and if they’re worth getting.


Phoenix, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/01/2013 -- There is such a thing as a personal loan to pay off debt. One can apply for such a loan at any lender – bank, credit union, or other financial institution. The premise behind a personal loan is that the individual applying for it will state a specific reason they’re requesting it. Sometimes it’s to make some home repairs. Other times, they need it to pay off what they owe. As long as they put the bulk of the loan toward what they stated it is needed for and their credit is good, it is likely they will be approved.

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When applying for personal loans to pay off debt, be sure to make a detailed list of each debt that will be eradicated. If the electric company is owed several hundred dollars, apply that exact amount from the loan. Regardless of what the debt is or to whom it is owed, be sure the potential personal loan lender knows where the money from the loan is going. Keep in mind, though, that a personal loan’s monthly payment may actually be more than the amount one is doling out for each debt. Be careful to ascertain that the total amount of the loan payment does not exceed the amount of debt to be paid with it or one will be no better off after the loan than he was prior to it.

A personal loan to pay off debt can be considered a debt consolidation loan. A personal loan is an unsecured loan with a fixed payment over a fixed amount of time. One can use such a loan to get rid of one’s debt in one fell swoop, so to speak. However, if a person’s credit rating is not very good, it may be difficult to obtain this type of loan. Those whose credit score is below 620 may still qualify for a personal loan, but the interest rate attached to it may be unreasonably high, making it a poor financial move.

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