How to Get Abs Program Expands Website


Scottsdale, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/16/2014 -- In the 21st century, there is no reason why people's comprehension as to ‘how to get abs’ should be restricted to doing for crunches, reports the new website of the same name. The site provides health blog advice regarding state-of-the-art methods of flattening out the abdominal muscles and supporting that perfect sixpack with good nutrition and a matching lifestyle. The webmaster has recently announced it has expanded the range and number of advice articles, to give readers the most leading edge information it can in one convenient and straightforward online resource.

One purpose behind the added information is to clear up misconceptions, chief among them being the idea that some people have abs, while others don't. Fitness expert increasingly agree with this new emphasis. "Everyone has six-pack abs," says YMCA fitness instructor Chuck Shelton. "But for most people, the abs are hiding under a layer of fat. Quit expecting miracles from endless crunches and sit-ups and instead start eating right and burning calories with intense cardio or fast-paced strength-training. Very gradually, that body fat will burn off to reveal the definition that was hidden there the whole time."

The site emphasizes many new forms of exercises that show people how to get abs in less time, and more efficiently. Recent postings have exposed controversial truths, such as one explaining that cardio alone is not effective for achieving chiseled abdominals, or another discussing the limitations of fat burning pills. Certain nutritional basics, such as eating more unprocessed food and grains, eating protein rich breakfast, drinking more water and fluids, etc. are covered as a major part of the sixpack enhancement program. Crunches are not altogether shunned, just put into perspective as being one of many exercise options for defining the abdominals.

The webmaster projects the untangling of misunderstandings and myths about the subject will create a unique marketing position for the site in the fitness scene. The topic of how to get abs may not be original, but the site expects to specifically explain the best things that work, and direct the reader to effective full courses or workbooks that discuss a complete abs program. The emphasis on current information and the direct approach is designed to set it apart from the competition, and serve to educate consumers in this niche both now and across future months.