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How to get a beautiful girl to notice you is now revealed for the first time through the website. A brand new instructional guide was written by dating expert Josh Pellicer that teaches men how to attract hot women even if a man is poor or doesn’t look like a model.


Seattle, WA -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/02/2012 -- How to attract beautiful women is one thing that not every man learns how to do. While some men seem to get any woman, most men struggle with approaching single women they want to get to know better. One former single guy, Joshua Pellicer, has authored a new guide available for download. This guide is offered through the Dating Advice That Works website that helps connect men with proven strategies that can help improve dating lifestyles. The easy to read guide and streaming video series is available at the website.

Conversation techniques are one area that some men can struggle with when on a date with a woman. Knowing what to talk about and how long to talk about it can be difficult to learn for some men, as you will also see in this news article. Part of the strategies that area available in the How to Attract Beautiful Women guide focuses on how men can communicate better with women. Josh Pellicer explains in his guide and video lessons that attraction has little to do with romantic connections.

“It’s not the size of your wallet, amount of hair on your head or the words that you speak,” Josh reports in his guide. “I’ve developed a series of emotional connectors that allow men to connect with beautiful women much easier and with higher success rates,” Pellicer added.

A recent matchmaking study performed by a research company profiled single women. Among the women that took part in the survey, ladies as high as 70 percent reported that money or attractiveness was not the deciding factor that caused them to create relationships with men. Things like attitude, generosity and conversational styles ranked higher in the data collected.

“Men put too much emphasis on their looks when they meet women,” said Josh Pellicer inside of his new guide. “I’ve personally used the techniques that I teach to increase my love life and make new connections with women I could have never approached in the past,” Pellicer added.

This new How to Attract Beautiful Women guide and video training is available for instant download and does come with a money back guarantee backed by Josh and his publisher. Men that do not increase their dates with women after learning from this helpful guide can seek a full refund of the download price. This girl will tell you, watch this video and see for yourself.

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