How to Get Debt Free to Live a Debt Free Life

Every day, people wonder how to get out of debt. Well, is here to help find the answers by providing some insight into this topic.


Phoenix, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/20/2013 -- Every day, people wonder how to get out of debt. Well, is here to help find the answers by providing some insight into this topic, such as:

- Renegotiate with Creditors
- Pay More than Minimum
- Cash Out Savings
- Home Equity Loan

To Live A Debt Free Life Find The Easiest Way on How to Become Debt Free Faster!

Talk to Creditors

Everyone is capable of contacting his creditors to negotiate terms and reduce what he owes. This is one of many steps to how to get debt free, and it’s just the beginning. When a creditor responds in a positive way to a request for a reduction in interest rate or principal, it lowers the amount owed to him and makes it more likely that he’ll actually get his money back. Waiving late fees and other costs also ensures that the debt will be paid.

Pay a little More

Another step to how to get out of debt is to send in more than the minimum payment on each debt each month. If one can put in 10%-20% more than what is required, the extra goes toward the principal of the debt, reducing it more quickly. This is a great way to become debt free fast, and it shouldn’t be a hardship to do. If one starts sending in an extra 20% and it becomes too much to handle along with other bills, drop it down to 15% instead. It will still decrease the principal, and that’s what one wants to do.

Use Savings

It sounds like sacrilege, but using a saving account as part of how to get debt free is actually a really good idea. Most people feel that their savings are “holy,” and that they should only be used in an emergency. Isn’t getting out of debt an emergency? The longer one remains in debt, the lower his credit score goes. The lower the credit score is, the less likely it is for him to obtain any new loans or credit cards. Use just some of the savings to repay debt and keep the rest.

Home Equity Loan (HEL)

Understanding how to get out of debt can lead one to obtaining a home equity loan. this type of loan is based on the equity in one’s home, generally has a low interest rate, and can pay off debt in a short time, rather than in many months. The money from the HEL comes to a person in a lump sum, and he can put it to any use, including debt repayment. Remember that repaying the HEL will take many years; choose this only in cases of deep indebtedness.

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