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How to Get Lighter Skin with Gold Ultimate Finally Revealed


Miami, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/04/2013 -- Mitchell Group’s Beauty Brand has launched another best seller,

F & W GOLD Ultimate, Our Secret To An Eternal Glow.

Throughout history Gold has been recognized for its luxurious and beautifying properties. Our researchers have made a real breakthrough in hyperpigmentation treatments that promise the most exciting advances in depigmentation skincar e in this decade. GOLD ULTIMATE enhances your skins natural beauty, brightening/lightening and preserving its flawless texture and tone with specific skincare solutions that offer a complete line of 13 exceptional skincare formulas for every woman who has whitening concerns.

Our eponymous skin care line is designed as a 3-step regimen.

Prepare Even Tone Protect

GOLD Ultimate regimen solutions consist of the following treatments:

PREPARE - Cleanse and Exfoliate

Solution: Satin Exfoliating Soap, Sugar Exfoliator, AHA Brightening Cream, AHA Brightening Lotion

Cleanses and prepares your skin with a gentle exfoliation treatment that softens and brightens skin.

EVEN TONE - Fade and Brighten

Solution: Revitalizing Fade Cream, Exceptional Clarifying Cream, Intense Argan Oil, Revitalizing Body Lotion

Specialized Cream Gel, Maxi Tone Lotion

Even tone’s categorized products restore a uniform complexion as it tones and lightens dark spots, revealing a luminous glow.

PROTECT – Hydrate and Prevent

Solution: Protects skin from environmental aggressors and prevents skin aging as it moisturizes and maintains a beautiful flawless complexion.

Education tip:

The only way to see a visible result with GOLD is to follow this quality regimen which will change the behavior and appearance of your skin. And remember, it is possible to achieve radiant, even toned skin at any age.

Retail pricing is affordable and varies from $19.00 to $77.00 For more information call 1- 888-726-6211

GOLD ultimate can be found at

About Mitchell Group
Mitchell Group is a leading topical cosmetic manufacturer that develops skincare products to safely address skin care concerns. With ongoing research and development, the Mitchell Group’s laboratory facilities in Switzerland, Lebanon and France continue to use cutting-edge formulations that promote and produce healthy skin. All formulas are rigorously tested with clinical and laboratory trials to insure its effectiveness and consumer safety.

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