How to Get out of Credit Card Debt, Pay off Debt Advice

Credit cards can be a person’s best friends, particularly around the holidays. They allow folks to purchase high-cost items, such as personal handheld computer phones, and pay for them later. However, as anyone who has ever used a charge card knows, sooner or later it will occur to them to ask how do get out of credit card debt? The following will endeavor to answer that question in depth.


Pittsfield, MA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/08/2013 -- Many people are cognizant of exactly how much debt they carry. They understand their credit limits, how much is due each month, and how to keep their debt-to-income ratio reasonably low. The vast majority, though, aren’t quite that on top of it. These people use credit cards as a substitute method of payment, knowing that they’ll eventually ask how can get out of credit card debt? Until that time comes, though, they just keep on using those cards until they’re maxed out, or close to it. Then, when the payment demands are received, they’re dismayed at how much they have to pay each month to get rid of the debt.

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Here are several ideas that can help these folks get out of credit card debt without too much trouble.

To begin addressing the question how does get out of credit card debt? Take a look at just how much money is owed and to which creditors. Don’t become overwhelmed by how much the total is; take them one at a time. Start with the highest interest rate debts and pay those down or off. Next, tackle the lower interest ones or those that have a low balance due and pay them. If one does not have the money to do this, picking up a second job and putting the entire paycheck from it toward the credit card debt can help. So can asking family or friends to help out with a loan to cover it. Most of the time, if they’re in a position to do it, they will, and they don’t usually charge interest.

Other ways to answer how to get out of credit card debt? Include borrowing against an IRA or cash-valued life insurance policy. Use the equity in the house if the debt is that much. Cut back on frivolous spending such as having a date night out on the town. Use the money saved to pay down or off that credit card debt.

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