How to Get out of Debt Fast on Your Own


Phoenix, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/23/2014 -- The challenge of repaying college loans looms within six months of graduation. This is supposed to be enough time for a graduate to obtain gainful employment. However, it can become difficult to handle one’s loans payments, leading an individual to seek alternate ways to handle the problem. is here to offer some ideas that may show one how to get out of student loan debt fast on your own, such as:

- Making a Larger Payment
- Devise a Budget
- Look into Debt Consolidation
- Check Out Loan Restructuring

Pay More than the Minimum

This is one answer to how to get out of college loan debt on your own. Sending in even 10% - 15% more than is required has a huge impact on reducing what is owed because that extra bit goes straight to the principal of the debt, not the interest, which is where the bulk of the regular payment goes. Adding in the additional amount eliminates debt quickly and is definitely worth doing.

Construct a Workable Budget

Another idea that addresses how to get out of school loan debt fast on your own is to create a budget that stays within one’s financial parameters, and then underspend. proposes that this budget allow a certain amount for groceries, and then not spending it all. This can be accomplished by clipping coupons or searching the supermarket circulars for the best sales. Any money not used for groceries can go to one’s loan payments, bringing them down faster.

Debt Consolidation Options

Consolidating education loan debt is a great way to respond to how to get out of debt on your own. With this process, all of one’s separate school loans are combined into one large loan with one monthly payment. This payment often carries a lower interest rate, making it easier to afford. Consolidation can be accomplished through the federal student loan program or through some private lenders. Contact the Financial Aid office of one’s former school to find out how to begin this procedure.

Loan Restructuring

One more option that answers how to get out of debt fast on your own is loan restructuring. This process is exactly what it says it is: A restructuring, or shuffling around, of one’s loans debt. The end result of this process is lower payments with lower interest rates and a more spread out repayment period. This can be a great choice for many graduates, so talk to one’s loan servicers to find out if this will work for one’s situation.

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