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How to Get Personal Trainer Reviews in Orlando FL?


Orlando, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/16/2013 -- Darwin Fitness personal training Orlando certified their client’s testimonials and reviews

All the success stories revealed in the site  (mostly weight loss goals) are coming from real local people. The accuracy of their review is guaranteed. They train or have been trained by Jean-Sebastien Fabre owner of Darwin Fitness LLC. Upon your request Darwin Fitness personal training can put you in contact with any of these clients and help you build your own opinion. This service is an exclusivity, probably one of the best innovation in the industry since a while. Personal training and more generally the entire business suffer from fake, paid actors reviews.

A recent TRUE testimonial comes from Lisa, 53 years old trainee from Apopka FL:

''I am a newbie to strength training.  I have been working with Jean-Sebastien just over three months, and though a short time, I already feel an amazing difference in my strength and in my outlook.

My lofty goal before meeting Jean-Sebastien was to begin weight bearing exercises for healthy bones in a safe way that I would enjoy and continue for a lifetime.  I wasn’t sure this was possible.  It is with the right trainer!

I am thankful I found Jean-Sebastien.  He is his philosophy.  I appreciate that he takes the time to discuss and research my specific needs and develop a plan just for me.  I feel secure with him because of his gradual approach and emphasis on correct form.  He teaches me the “whys” behind my workouts and diet, so I can think through my exercising and eating for myself.

Because of his balanced approach, I do not become overwhelmed.  I work out hard three times a week, but I rest my muscles on my days off.  He has renewed my love for running, and this joy will by my impetus to continue building my strength and endurance.  I have been in over thirty sessions, and no two have been the same!

Jean-Sebastien sets the bar very high for trainers; he is exceedingly professional, supportive, and intelligent with a passion for fitness that utterly inspires."

Take the time to read those Personal Trainer rating in the Orlando FL area The next step will be to schedule a free assessment and a free trial workout.

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