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Review of How to Get Pregnant with a Boy Guide

Don't do anything until you read this honest review of a guide by Alicia Pennington on how to get pregnant with a boy


Derry, North Ireland -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/26/2013 -- There are many ways on how to get pregnant with a boy. However, many are not aware of these facts since they are not very common. In order to effectively have a baby boy, couples must understand these methods. The information has been presented in a guide which is gaining popularity in the market today. It's known as "Prince or Princess? Choosing your baby's gender before conception" by Alicia Pennington.

As there are many couples who would like to know more on the subject of how to get pregnant with a baby boy, StayYoungerForLife has given a thorough review of this guide.

After a lot of time and research studying the most effective natural preconception methods, Alicia Pennington penned this book having had success herself with the methods found. By adapting the systems she has presented in her book, couples have had over 94% success rate. In the first year of introduction, 117 couples used this method with 112 of them having a successful outcome.

Outlined below are just a few of the topics covered in the book, for example;

1) How 87% of couples are using the wrong methods to conceive children and how to avoid these
2) How conception works and how to understand the factors affecting the conception of a boy or girl
3) How you can control the fertilization of the egg with X and Y chromosome sperm
4) How to significantly increase your chances of conceiving a boy or girl through a special dietary program
5) How to increase your fertility
6) How to determine the gender of your baby through your ovulation date
7) How a woman’s vagina pH levels affect male sperm and why this is important
8) How each different sexual position helps in determining the gender of the baby
9) How the timing of your intercourse at certain times of your fertility cycle can swing the odds of conceiving a boy or girl
10) Also, why a woman should achieve an orgasm when trying to get pregnant with a boy

A lot of couples have posted testimonials and reviews regarding the product authored by Alicia Pennington. Most of them have stated how helpful the product was and how they were able to achieve success just as the author did. A client of the product, Angel Adams of Long Island, New York, has posted regarding how easy and successful it was for them to follow the methods presented in the book, while Sarala Chandran from Kolkotta, India stated that the $47 she paid for the e-book is a small price for the guaranteed result that she and her husband achieved from using the book. There are many more success stories which can be read by visiting the official website.

The author also stipulates that all methods in her book are 100% natural with no need for any pills or medications, and with an over 94% success rate it is gaining a lot of popularity among those couples who specifically would like to know how to get pregnant with a boy (or girl).

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