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How to Get Rid of Acne Scars Launched to Help Acne Sufferers


San Fransisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/06/2012 -- Acne scars can be an unsightly legacy left by the ravages of teenage hormones, and can carry through into later life. The stigma of unsightly facial blemishes is one not easily overcome, and it can prove a barrier to being taken seriously at work, or on the dating scene, in later life.

How To Get Rid Of Acne Scars is a newly launched site dedicated to providing the best advice, consumer reviews and information around the topic available on the web.

The site has a clean, simplistic design that puts a priority on plainly presented, easy to follow content. The content itself is centered around reviews of all kinds, from commercially available acne treatment to old wives’ tales and traditional remedies to surgical procedures. They even cover preventative measures and techniques to keep acne to a minimum.

The products reviewed, as well the other editorial content on the site, is broken down in the side bar between products reviewed, products recommended and products highly recommended, as well as a separate category for How To’s, tips and guides.

Perhaps the most innovative of their content presentations is that of side-by-side review summaries on acne treatments. The site gives a summary view of their conclusions on three creams, broken down into categories including Target Users, Speed, Overall Effectiveness, Long-Range Effectiveness, Price, Guarantee, and final Rank. Putting the products side by side with their criteria judged between average, good, very good and exceptional, it provides an incredibly easy, at-a-glance tool for deciding what treatment will be best for consumers. The summaries also include links to full and in-depth reviews for those wanting more details.

A spokesperson for the site explained, “Acne scars can be incredibly troublesome for teenagers and adults alike, and there’s obviously a market in consumer products to deal with it. Unfortunately, we’ve found that some of the more heavily marketed brands are ineffective, where the best products slip under the radar. With our reviews, we cover everything from creams to surgical procedures, depending on the severity, and always look to offer impartial advice so consumers can make the best decisions.”

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