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How to Get Rid of Herpes Fast, Naturally with No Side Effects


Orcutt, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/06/2014 -- Get Rid of Herpes is an excellently written 59 page book that gives people complete information about causes of herpes and how to get rid of them medically and naturally. The content of the book is well organized which shows types of herpes and how they appear to affected people, genital herpes symptoms, simplex diets of herpes and what issues triggers herpes and how medications can be used to get rid of it efficiently. The information presented in the book is for general informational purpose and it is not presented by medical expert or practitioner. It is based on years of research work by the publisher of this book Sarah Wilcox after she was diagnosed 200mg pills five times a day but it caused side effects with continuous use.

The Get Rid of Herpes book also covers important statistics of all Americans 14 to 49 years old suffered with herpes. The statistics shows that over 25 million Americans have suffered from genital herpes which means every one out of six is suffered from this genital complication. According to statistics, around 80% of the overall Americans have oral symptoms of herpes out of which 20.9% women suffered from genital herpes, 11.5% of men suffered from genital herpes and 39.2% of blacks have genital herpes, and 12.3% of whites are also suffered from these medical issues. It is also examined that cases of herpes will tend to grow because 80% of the people have no potential ideas why they grow so significantly.

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Types of Herpes
It is based on eight different viruses that can affect its sufferers including Human herpes virus 1, virus 2, virus 3, virus 4, virus 5, virus 6, virus 7 and virus 8. But the book gives detailed information about genital herpes which is considered to be very dangerous. Patients may not know they are affected with herpes or may not think the problem exists with them even for months and years. The book also indicates that the symptoms of oral herpes and the genital herpes are almost identical and when someone is infected it becomes permanent. The virus can affect the spinal cord and remain dormant for months and even years to come. Herpes can be contagious ay any time and can’t be visible with the signs of outbreak in the victims. But the doctors advise that the people infected with herpes can never infect anyone until they are not shown the symptoms or outbreaks of herpes.

Herpes Simplex Diet
The book gives complete information about different diets which must be used while suffering from herpes outbreaks. Vegetables, legumes, dairy products, fish and seafood, chicken, organ meals, potatoes and eggs must be used when suffered from herpes outbreaks. Food items such as oats, corn rice, beans, and chicken peas, food containing seeds, citrus fruits and foods with high L-Iysine must be used carefully when suffered from herpes. A person can get rid of this condition completely after reducing or completely avoiding foods including sugar, processed foods, alcohol, coffee and tea, nuts, chocolate, seed meal, coconut and sunflower seeds. A person will get rid of Herpes naturally if take care in his everyday diet with proper use of food items which are suggested to take during certain conditions.

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The Get Rid of Herpes book highlights different ways by which people can stop outbreaks of herpes naturally and medically with virus killer remedies. Different methods of medically treating herpes are presented in the book including H2O2 method starting with daily use of three drops and increasing it to 25 drops until day 16. Using different methods of treating herpes will surely help people to Get Rid of Herpes effectively. People can also stop outbreaks which can spread from one to other people if not properly cared and the book guides them step-by-step instruction how to treat them with much ease and convenience.

But a person must avoid some herpes triggering factors to Get Rid of Herpes naturally including trauma, depression, stress, surgery, diet, illness and monthly period. The book also guides readers to avoid cross contamination whether a person suffered with primary or recurrent issues of herpes. Always keep infected areas dry and clean to prevent the secondary conditions of developing the infections. Never touch the sores and wash his hands with soap or water and also avoid sexual contact from the times symptoms are recognized and the sores have appeared to his body.

This eBook gives a detailed description of Herpes so that it will be easier for customers to understand how the remedy will kill viral pathogens associated with this disease. It explains and analyzes how the science based and proven herpes cure method works efficiently to eradicate the Herpes Simplex Virus. The herpes relief remedy is described in an easy and thorough manner. There is absolutely no difficulty in carrying out the protocol illustrated in Get Rid of Herpes. In addition to this, there is a lot more interesting and helpful information regarding herpes and its remedy. This remedy is not the only solution described in the eBook, a very helpful diet program is also mentioned as a cure in one of the chapters named Herpes Diet Simplex.

Click here to download Get Rid of Herpes Ebook