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How to Get Rid of Pudge on the Stomach Revealed in New Weight Loss Method

Stomach or belly fat is a problem for many women. Most girls want to eliminate these fat deposits fast, to look better and feel more confident. shows women how to get rid of pudge on the stomach area, fast and simple.


Denver, CO -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/14/2013 -- According to the website exercising regularly is a must to avoid the development of fat deposits on the belly area. Fat deposits are commonly caused by an unhealthy lifestyle, based on overeating and the lack of physical activity. writes that belly fat commonly responds effectively to diet and exercises. However, users need to know which types of exercises to use and what should be banned from diet. Many people find it hard to monitor calories, eat regularly and exercise daily. For all these individuals recommends the Fat Loss Factor.

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The Fat Loss Factor was specially designed to help people eliminate the pudge on the stomach area. The whole program lasts 12 weeks. The first 2 weeks are dedicated to detoxification. The last 10 weeks of the weight loss plan will include a series of diet and workout tips that will help the weight loss process. The program is all natural, meaning that the users of this method will only access healthy diets and workout recommendations. reveals that the method was created by Dr. Charles Livingston, after years of tests and study. The health consultant, fitness and diet expert discovered a unique fat loss formula that he wanted to share with the whole world. His method is a step by step plan, which actually is detailed in an eBook. In this method users will find ways to get rid of the pudge on the stomach, as well as ways to enhance health and boost energy levels, while eliminating stress.

The weight loss program features tips to lose fat, detoxification tips, as well as dietary plans and workout routines that promise to make miracles in the process of eliminating body fat. The first results of using this new method will be visible starting with the first week. However, for long lasting results the method has to be implemented for 12 weeks. Exercising is recommended 3 times a week for better results.