How to Grow Golf Club Memberships in a Declining Market


Te Awamutu, New Zealand -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/03/2014 -- Golf clubs in various locations around the world are facing financial losses due to numerous reasons.

“NGF participation research revealed that 4.7 million golfers have been lost since 2005 till now in the US.”

There are several reasons for the high end decline in the golf club memberships and one of the many issues is the fact that golf clubs do not possess effective sales and marketing personnel to understand the changes in golf and sports in general

Golf marketing is one of the many essential things which golf club owners must be aware of in order to grow golf memberships.

4 easy steps to grow your golf club memberships is an exclusive eBook which has been created as a step for struggling golf clubs to grow their memberships. The 14 page special report has managed to trigger attention of golf club managers already.

Written by William Wetere, a golfer and marketer who has years of experience marketing golf related products.

Mr Wetere says the14 page report is written as a straight forward guide to give Golf managers a clear insight regarding how they can easily increase the numbers of their golf memberships.

The free eBook download is now available online for all golf managers and golf committee members who are interested in changing the course of their golf clubs. Due to the fact that the eBook is available online for only a limited time, individuals are advised to download today.

Golfers can now grow golf memberships for free but the price of the Ebook will soon be $29.95 only, which is exceptionally low and rather impressive. The tremendous eBook for golfers includes a simple marketing action plan, advertising system as well as a bonus income generation opportunity which is going to benefit them in a lot of ways after following the 4 easy steps that are featured in the eBook for the ultimate convenience of all readers.

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