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How to Improve Credit Score Is Explained in Helpful Articles at How-to-Increase-Credit-Score.com


Kalamazoo, MI -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/10/2012 -- As anyone who has ever applied for a loan knows quite well, having a good credit score is vital. In fact, credit score checks are being used more than ever these days; for example, medical offices, car rental agencies and even potential employers will typically check the credit rating of their patients, clients and potential employees.

Unfortunately, in many cases, these credit checks reveal less-than stellar numbers. A credit score range is between 300 and 850, with low scores being defined as 300 to 600, moderate being 600 to 700, and excellent credit listed as 700 and up.

A variety of issues can negatively impact a credit rating, which is also commonly referred to as a “FICO” score. For example, late or missed payments on bills and high credit card balances can lower a credit score.

A new website is already getting a lot of attention for its educational articles and videos that help explain in short and succinct steps how to improve credit score.

How-to-Increase-Credit-Score.com offers valuable information to its online visitors, including credit score-related articles and news stories from around the web. The overall mission of the website is to help raise awareness that while credit repair is an ongoing process, there are simple things that visitors to the site can do to hasten it along.

“The process used to increase a credit score is two-fold: the first step is an evaluation, followed by credit repair,” an article on the website explained, adding that to increase credit rating, it’s also important to develop a long-term strategy.

For example, one tip that will help increase credit score is to pay debts on time and in full. Since every transaction that people make—including payments on utility bills, credit card bills, loans, rent and mortgages—will impact their credit scores, consumers need to do everything they can to pay everything before the due date.

The website is easy to use; online visitors are welcome to take their time browsing through the helpful information. A pull down category menu on the right hand side of the home page allows visitors to select from articles, videos or news stories, and a list of some of the most popular topics is listed underneath.

For example, a popular article explains whats a good credit score range, and how once a score falls lower than 619, it can be hard to get a loan with a reasonable rate and terms.

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