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How to Increase Site Rates with Plagiarism Checker


Dallas, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/04/2014 -- The Content Plagiarism Checker is online tool that provides an opportunity to verify content for plagiarism, and see whether it is original or just copy and paste from somewhere.

Sometimes writers use technique of copying the content from different websites and compiling it together by paraphrasing or restructuring some of the sentences and sending the text to their clients. However, the latter may check the text submitted by writers with the help of this service. Actually it is possible to take advantage of the first free trial by checking any kind of content and see how the system works in practice.

Writers can cheat by providing plagiarised content collecting information related to the topic from different web sources and changing some sentences so that they may seem to be unique. Such speed of writing could surprise. After checking articles using Content Plagiarism Checker, opinion about writers may change. A lot of sentences might not be original, just duplicated from other sources.

This web site can show accurate results regarding the content. The work of this website contentplagiarismchecker.com can be highly appreciated.

Premium account gives access to different features. Text checking takes no more than one minute. Program shows which words of the content have been plagiarised and which have been written originally. This feature becomes available when the premium account is activated.

When checking the content for the first time, creating personal account is required. After free registration is completed, option to check 275 words for free becomes available. To check the content exceeding 275 words, it should be divided into two pages because there is a limit to check 275 words at a time.

After completing verification of the plagiarised text, the plagiarism detection system shows all possible links to the web sources used to copy the information from. It looks for the matches throughout the text by means of the search engine. Contentplagiarismchecker.com provides an opportunity to learn the percentage of the plagiarised text. In addition the detector offers the money back guarantee if the tool does not work according to the approved algorithm.

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