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How to Insure Guaranteed SEO Revealed by Guru Traffic Now


Absecon, NJ -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/25/2013 -- For online business owners, the term “guaranteed SEO” may be one that they are somewhat familiar. In today’s internet world, having your online business at the top of the rankings means getting most of the available customer base or at least that is the hope.

But what exactly is “guaranteed SEO”, how does that work and what is involved to insure that it will provide the right results for your online business.

What is Guaranteed SEO?

Basically, this is a promise that is made by website marketing firms that guarantees that your website will be on top of the search engine results pages for the niche that you are targeting. This guarantee is often part of their sales pitch to get you to use their services. However, if they do not deliver within a certain time frame, many of them will provide a money back guarantee.

Now, how marketing companies back that guarantee is another matter entirely as it will depend on the terms of the agreement. Quite often, this process is built around a number of keywords that are available, how competitive the keywords are, the current positioning of your website and how it can best be optimized to compete in your market.

Obviously, guaranteed SEO can mean different things to different companies depending a lot on the type of niche or interest you serve and the competition. It should be relatively easier to achieve guaranteed SEO for companies that have unique or very specialized niches or areas of interest or are brick and mortar companies looking to be the top business in their neighborhood.

For broader based businesses and interest, the road to getting the number one position on search engine rankings is much harder. This is generally where the time frame comes in by the marketing companies that establishes how long it will take them to achieve the top ranking.

The packages offered for guaranteed SEO generally run from 6 to 9 months and involve the purchase of a number of keywords to help insure that your website gets the best ranking that is possible. Furthermore, the ranking itself will be established based on the number of keywords used and how highly your website will rank. This does leave some wiggle room for marketing companies to establish your website as “number one” in the search for certain keywords or keyword phrases.

A standard SEO package will generally guarantee that a website will be in the top 10 Google Rankings for at least 40% of the agreed keywords while the rest will be in the top 20. Individually, the company does not have to get your website to the top on any single keyword, but the collection of them will generally boost your overall ranking and exposure.

In choosing a SEO marketing company that promises guaranteed SEO, references are a must along with a tracking of how their services work, the length of time needed to achieve the set goals, and how the money is returned if the goals are not reached. Also, read any available reviews as well. Don't make the mistakes that I did. Make sure you have everything in writing before you hire them.

However, you may want to consider finding information online and doing the seo yourself. Hiring a consultant or a company to do this type of work can be expensive for any marketer that is just starting out. You can find helpful software or tutorials on the internet if you don't have the huge marketer or corporation money to spend. You can also hire someone later if you feel that you didn't do a good enough job or if you just want an expert to go over your work.

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