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How to Keep Your Child with Special Needs Safe with Child Medical Id Bracelets

SmartKidsID is the perfect solution to give special needs children extra protection on the go and give parents a peace of mind.


San Diego, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/11/2014 -- Parents of children with special needs have so much to worry about and are constantly facing extra challenges and situations no one had thought even existed. Days days are filled with appointments, therapies, and other responsibilities necessary and trying to make the right decisions can be overwhelming and takes a lot of strength.

The wish of giving a special needs child the opportunity to live a carefree life, play with other children and have the time to support them in their learning and independence often seems impossible.

How can a parent teach a special needs child the ability to participate in the world around them when always being worried about that no one might understands the special needs of their child when they are not around?

Wouldn’t it be nice if there is a way of getting a little bit of a peace of mind?

SmartKidsID child medical Id bracelets and shoe tags are a great solution. They come in fun colors, different sizes and close with a Velcro. The Id bracelet holds information about a child’s medical condition that is accessible in a heartbeat. And this is how it works:

Each SmartKidsID comes pre-engraved with a unique QR Code that can be linked to a fully customizable child Id online profile.

When a child gets lost or needs special attention in case of an emergency, a helper can either scan the QR code with a smartphone or call the 24/7 help hotline provided to get connected to the child's parents. All information provided is safely stored on a secured and password protected page. Just information parents decided to make “public” can be accessed by a helper. All other information is kept safe for parents to send a "Missing Child Alert" in 1-click to local law enforcement agencies in case a child goes missing - this includes a detailed description of the child with a photograph.

A child medical ID bracelet can give parents a peace of mind while knowing that people will understand their child’s needs.

Parents can create free child ID online profiles (include vital info, medical information & recent photograph) at SmartKidsID Website and link the profile to the ID product in just a few simple steps.

ID bracelets are just $14.95 & Shoe tags are $9.95 (plus tax) – no membership or any other fees available at: SmartKidsID Shop

Here is a short video that shows how easy it is to help a lost child: Video "How to help a lost child fast"
And here is an explanatory video on SmartKidsID: SmartKidsID Explanatory Video

SmartKidsID products are available online at SmartKidsID Shop and on Amazon – no membership or monthly fees.

If this can make a difference in one child’s life it is worth the incremental cost!

About SmartKidsID
San Diego, CA based SmartKidsID is owned by Liv & Leo, Inc. a company founded by a mom of three out of the need of providing a cost efficient solution that improves child safety and shortens first responders’ reaction time.