"How to Know: The Guide to Your Angel" - a Non Fiction Small Guide Based on the World Oldest Scriptures and Historical Facts

How To Know: The Guide To Your Angel. A non Fiction small guide based on the world oldest Scriptures and Historical Facts that unlocks untold Secret on how anyone can learn how to benefit from The source God’s Angels. In a simple mix of fact and inspiration, Djamee Raphael clear the channel of communication between you and your guardian angel. Simple methods are often perceived as simplistic yet they are the ones that work.


Brooklyn, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/06/2013 -- There has been a lot of ink used to write about angels; movies; TV shows and cartoons are made in Hollywood on a regular basis based on angels.   This is because these godly creatures don’t cease to inspire us in more ways than one.  Myths and legends tend to be confused with  reality.


Djamee Raphael , has been in the “Help Business” for most his adult life. One day one of his client a model travelling from Paris gave him a book that both inspires him but the content helped him go trough time of great hardship. Djamee  Raphael shares both his personal insight and “Revelation” dictated by his personal angle.  He shares in this inspiring book in the most simple form how anyone can learn to connect with his/her own angel.   A table is included with dates;  names of deities as well as their main quality for the days. Djamee Raphael included incredible images he took of landscapes; sunrises; while out  in what he admits was one of the most challenging time in his adult’s life; observing mother nature.

How To Know : The Guide To Your Angel,  will appeal to a broad audience in particular those who have been lied to an impressed in thinking that you can only benefit from angels if you have a religion; if you are “righteous;” based on their own prejudice not facts.

Over 2000 download in less than a week! Hot release in The US; Japan and UK.

If you believe than more is better then may be this book is not for you. There is no filler; no fluff at the end of the day  even science has proven that this things “Universal laws; Law of Attraction” work. Yet  some people are still compelled to look for more difficult solutions  often making their own daily routine more laborious. if only we open our hearts and our inner eyes and understood that in truth we are never  alone. This book  is a simple key that works.


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