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How to Lose 10 Pounds in One Week with This Diet

First and foremost: proper hydration of the body is the key to fast weight loss. Multiple studies have found that drinking more water can help people lose 10 pounds in the ‘red surplus,’ especially when it is combined with a healthy diet regime and regular workout.


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/01/2016 -- Let's say one needs to attend an important event, like a wedding ceremony or a high school reunion, so there's a fear that everyone going there will notice how that festive dress or outfit just doesn't fit quite as good as it should!

Ten pounds on the plus from where a person wants to be can be quite a big problem to deal with, and with the event just around the corner, one can easily hit the "panic button" and enter "desperation mode."

Luckily, there is a fast and healthy formula on how to lose weight, under condition one fully devotes to the goal of weight loss. The 'lose-weight process' actually means bracing some serious changes in the everyday living routine, especially in the dietary routine, of course.

Let's get to the point: How to lose 10 pounds fast

Mathematically, it means that one should lose weight of 1.4 pounds a day. It is not that difficult if one knows how to do it. So, let's start…

First and foremost: proper hydration of the body is the key to fast weight loss. Multiple studies have found that drinking more water can help people lose 10 pounds in the 'red surplus,' especially when it is combined with a healthy diet regime and regular workout.

Most recommendations say that 8 glasses of quality water a day are quite enough, so it's best to jumpstart with that. One can even set their coo-coo alarm clock to remind them every hour or so to have a healthy glass of water! Drinking healthy water not only increases the amount of calories burnt – a phenomenon known as resting energy expenditure – but it also reduces appetite when consumed before a meal.

As far as hydration is concerned, one should not try to substitute healthy water with unhealthy sodas, processed juices, energy drinks or, even worse, with alcohol. These drinks will contribute plenty of calories and sugars to your diet, and will take up much of the recommended daily calorie count that one can otherwise consume through having a healthy and nutritious diet. Instead, one can drink green tea and/or unsweetened lemonade. Go smart, and you will lose 10 pounds in one week!

Next, completely CUT refined white sugar, as well as other unnecessary and unhealthy 'lollipop foods' that do absolutely nothing good and healthy for your body, but only contribute to gaining weight fast (not to the weight-loss goal). If one wants to lose weight fast, or entirely lose 10 pounds in 1 week, sweets, cakes and sodas are out of the question! As it is fast fried food, for another instance. So, say 'bye-bye' to French fries and sizzling bacon, to name just a few. Weight loss and fries just don't 'fit' together!

One can eat up to 5 times throughout the day – and this won't hamper their weight loss plan a tiny bit – as long as their meals are measured, healthy and balanced. Between breakfast, luncheon and dinner, one can have 2 healthy snacks provided their combined calorie count does not exceed one's diet calorie total.

In order to lose weight in a fast and healthy manner, one can always start their day with fruit seasoned with some healthy nuts, seeds, and maybe a spoon of raw honey. This 'combo' will not only keep a person healthy and energized, but it will provide them only with the sugars human body cravingly needs to make it throughout the day.

Have some meat (but not red one!) for lunch and a big, healthy bowl of organic greens. Greens are always the best choice for a healthy diet and a fast weight loss program. Indeed, just about any diet that contains a variety of greens and veggies (among other healthy edibles) is a good diet that will deliver the desired results fast.

Remember: Staying healthy is the most important thing of all, so only opt for healthy ways to lose weight fast.

At dinner, again, have a savory salad and keep it light. Because the metabolism begins to slow down in the evening hours, try not to burden stomach with any food after 7 p.m.! If this seems too much, get some veggies, or drink some fluoride-free water to ease the hunger before bedtime.

If one wants to lose 10 pounds in one week, a follow-up exercise will be the solution as one needs to burn more calories than those consumed. Each adult should dedicate 30 minutes of their day to do some moderate physical activity, especially the category of people trying to shed some weight fast.

Riding a bicycle, swimming, jogging, or any other sport for that matter, will greatly aid to one's weight loss effort, and even if one is what they call a "couch potato," a daily long stroll will make a great topping to a weight loss diet. That's how one effortlessly loses 10 pounds in one week!

Having regular and adequate sleep hours is another must that will help one shave a few pounds for the important 'mingling event.' Keep in mind that an average adult needs somewhere between 7-9 hours of good night's sleep to feel properly rested and energized for the next day. Lack of sleep seriously disturbs metabolism, and undermines any weight loss effort because it prevents the body from properly burning off calories.

There is also the simple matter of time: the longer one is awake and on the move, the more they are likely to eat. So, if one disciplinary sticks to this simple but effective combo of dieting-for-weight loss, hydration, exercising as well as a proper dozing in the 'owl hours,' they will easily drop 10 pounds in one week and show off like a peacock at their big event.

Finally, everyone will agree that this weight loss effort is worth the trouble to look and feel like a million bucks. Isn't that right?


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