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How to Lose Weight Anytime Commented on a Father's and Son's Weight Loss Walking Feat

Tactics for losing weight do not need to be as drastic


Dallas, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/25/2012 -- A father and son from Georgia have vowed to walk across the United States in a bid to shed unwanted pounds.

Music minister Todd and son Colin have traveled across America on foot since January to make a positive statement about weight loss. Now in Texas, the tandem hopes to reach California by September.

“I sincerely admire the achievements of Todd and Colin. They are essentially telling us: ‘If we could be this dedicated to our weight loss cause, so can you,’” K. Chatman, How to Lose Weight Anytime owner, said.

However, losing weight or learning how much exercise to lose weight does not need to be as extreme as walking across the country. Individuals could participate in different exercise routines that couple weight, cardio, and flexibility training at least three times a week.

“It does not matter if you are jogging around the village or gardening. Just move and stay active,” advised Mr. Chatman.

Then there is the subject of eating sensibly. It is important to enjoy food in healthy choices and portions.

“Do not eat on a whim. Grabbing a candy bar to go with your TV watching or biting on something while cooking, can quickly add up. It is important to monitor and record the amount of calories for everything you eat and drink,” K.A. Chatman said.

It pays to assess the kind of fodder on one’s plate. Typically, half of a plate should consist of plants, particularly green leafy vegetables. Pastries and sweets should never take up an entire meal, even if it is only in-between.

“Graze and eat slowly. Look at every bite first and then savor it. The body is slow to tell you that you are actually full,” K.A. Chatman added.

Yet, even the best efforts might feel void and empty without a support system. Mr. Chatman pointed out that Todd and Colin are not walking alone; friends and relatives are driving with them to provide accountability and encouragement.

“Many times the best motivation to lose weight comes from the people who care for you. Let people prop up your health-related aspirations,” K.A. Chatman concluded.

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