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How to Lose Weight Anytime Reacts to Weight Loss Triumph on Reality Show

Fitness website hails reality show guest’s 200+ pound loss


Dallas, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/05/2012 -- An episode of a popular reality television show has purportedly yielded the largest weight loss percentage documented by anyone of its kind. A Florida-based sales manager dropped 200+ lbs or over half of her weight, on this show. She weighed 350+ pounds before her “makeover.”

“This is truly a great example of weight loss and I applaud this contestant,” commented K. Chatman, creator of fitness website How to Lose Weight Anytime.

During the watch of a resident trainer, this contestant followed a 90-day fitness regimen and overshot her weight related aspiration. She was partly motivated by a desire to conceive a child.

“Obesity is linked not just to difficulty in conceiving children but also cancer, heart disease, stroke, diabetes, and a host of illnesses. I am glad this individual lost weight,” Mr. Chatman said.

Over a third of American adults suffer from obesity, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention claimed. Thus, to lose weight, one has to set realistic and reasonable goals before anything else. Many individuals seeking to shed weight err by participating in drastic weight loss programs built on unsustainable results.

“Take it slow. Aggression may not give you long-term results. When people start out too forcefully and make sudden changes, they tend to not hold up for long,” said K.A. Chatman.

Exercise does not have to take long, at least at first. It should not even have to significantly distract from work or leisure. It is also important to look for ways to enhance one’s diet as well. Eating healthier is at times very difficult for people to maintain. Thus, it is okay to experience temporary setbacks.

“There is no limit to starting all over again. It is normal to shy away from commitment, especially at the beginning. However, failure is not an option,” Mr. Chatman said.

Individuals should talk to a doctor before beginning an exercise and diet program. Obesity often comes with major health conditions. Some of which may rule out strenuous physical activity.

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