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How to Lose Weight Anytime Sizes up the New Recommendations on Behavioral Intervention for Obese Americans

US government announces new obesity screening guidelines


Plano, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/25/2012 -- A federal panel released new guidelines to doctors for screening obesity and counseling sufferers thereof.

In its most recent guidelines, a US task force urged physicians to check if their patients are obese or have a body-mass index of 30 and above. The panel also directed physicians to refer obese patients to intensive behavioral interventions comprised at least of exercise, diet, and counseling.

“I feel that these guidelines are extremely helpful. Licensed medical professionals should have a lot of clout with patients. Thus, their recommendations may have a greater chance of implementation,” surmised K. Chatman, founder of fitness website How to Lose Weight Anytime.

Obesity in the US is classified as an epidemic disease, affecting the majority of the adult populace. These guidelines effectively streamline the ones handed out in the early 2000s regarding obesity screens. The latest recommendations unprecedentedly mention evidence of intensive behavioral programs helping afflicted persons to reduce around 6 percent of their weight.

“Some individuals may find these weight loss stories meager. However, it can have a good to great impact on their health. Proper mental attitude is required to help people maintain the proper mindset and to prevent temporary setbacks from morphing into failures,” Mr. Chatman said.

It is important for obese individuals to join community programs that run nutritional and fitness interventions and seek counseling. The physicians themselves can offer these programs as part of their practices. Community programs allow for individuals with similar goals to work with each other. Program members can motivate, push, and keep each member accountable. When encouragement is needed, these individuals can seek advice from others who successfully went through similar experiences.

“Striving to achieve fitness-related goals alone can be daunting at times. So why take this journey on your own when there are others in similar situations? By working in groups, you can learn from others and maximize the success of your diet, exercise, and mindset programs,” K.A. Chatman concluded.

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