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How to Lose Weight Anytime Tackles Weight Regain

Metabolic rate must be sustained to maintain ideal weight


Plano, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/05/2012 -- Weight regain became a national topic recently with news that a 600+ individual has regained 250 pounds since shedding 400 pounds three years ago.

“Losing weight is only half the game. Maintaining a healthy weight is the other,” How to Lose Weight Anytime founder K. Chatman said.

Age and metabolism help dictate weight maintenance, he explained. Metabolic rate tends to decrease with age, forcing the body to hold less muscle. Exacerbating this condition is the fact that people tend to reduce physical activity over the years. Consequently, individuals should manage caloric intake as expected by nutritionists based off of their current weight, age, height, sex, and fitness, among other factors.

“Always do a balancing act with your calories since more should be burned than consumed for weight loss. This means controlling your everyday eating decisions and physical activities,” said Mr. Chatman.

Participating in new physical activities or raising the intensity of current ones should help expend plenty of calories. Weight maintenance also requires muscle mass since it helps to burn more calories. Thus, it is important to participate in strength exercises in addition to cardio and flexibility ones.

Breakfast is necessary for refueling your brain and body and increasing your efficiency. Missing breakfast or any other meal definitely could result in overeating, less nutritious food, and an increase in fat storage via an increase in insulin.

“Space out your meals every 2 to 3 hours. That means eating nutritious meals five to six times a day,” K. Chatman said.

Preparing food at home and in advance can help individuals eat healthy and avoid fast food, less healthier alternatives, and skipping meals. A counterintuitive way of ingraining a balanced diet is allowing oneself occasional indulgences known as cheat meals.

Finally, it is important for individuals to measure their weight loss before and after progress. This could include occasional weigh-ins or observing how clothes are fitting. “Conduct a little introspection whenever you gain weight. Is this due to muscle gain, consuming too many calories, and/or not exercising sufficiently? Just keep a log via a journal and pledge to do better next time,” said Mr. Chatman.

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