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How to Lose Weight Fast Without Dieting Revealed by Dr. Livingston

Women who are promised they will be able to lose weight fast without dieting should stay alert and be aware of the numerous scams with weight loss programs nowadays, advises


Denver, CO -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/24/2013 -- The magazine has recently reviewed many such weight loss programs and discovered that while some of them are lies, women have one safe option: Dr Charles Livingston’s Fat Loss Factor.

Dr Charles Livingston developed Fat Loss Factor and wrote the book of the same name after years of research, writes The magazine tells how the nutritionist, chiropractor and healthy living practitioner wanted to help people worldwide lose weight in a way that would not threat their health.

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Many people nowadays think that they can lose weight fast without dieting or just by starving themselves. While these methods may show results on the short term, on the long run they will prove to be unsuccessful and unhealthy. After finishing up these excruciating treatments, the body will respond in a negative way. In addition to putting the weight back on (sometimes gaining even more weight), people resorting to these methods usually develop additional health problems.

In order to avoid that, Dr Livingston has split his program into two phases: the first one, lasting two weeks, is the detoxifying stage and the second one, lasting ten weeks, is the actual weight loss stage. The doctor thinks that detoxifying is extremely important, as it enables the body to burn fats faster instead of processing and consuming its energy trying to eliminate toxins.

According to, there are tips and tricks meant to help people lose weight faster, even without dieting. However, they should realize that fat foods, sweets and sodas are no allies when it comes to getting in shape. What the magazine advises readers to do is drink plenty of water, drink lemon juice, eat raw vegetables and fruits, and find a suitable workout.

Readers can find out more about losing weight fast in a safe way through Dr Charles Livingston’s Fat Loss Factor, states the magazine. According to, the doctor’s program has helped thousands of people worldwide lose weight and get back in shape in only twelve weeks. However, the magazine warns that people need to stick to schedule and be committed if they want to see the expected results.