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hCGTreatments / Diet Doc hCG Diets & Weight Loss Plans Prevent Mobility Loss Linked to Thigh Fat by Discovering How to Lose Weight Fast with Simple Weight Loss Tips

Diet Doc hCG diets discover how to lose weight fast and offer weight loss tips targeting excess thigh fat recently linked to mobility loss in otherwise healthy older adults.


Escondido, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/20/2013 -- Newly published research in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition links stubborn thigh fat to the loss of strength and mobility, making it imperative that patients begin following basic weight loss tips and learn how to lose weight fast. The data demonstrates that thigh fat is a significant contributor to mobility loss in older adults and links those with excess thigh fat to decreased mobility while placing them at a higher risk of mortality. Diet Doc hCG diets follow one of the most simple weight loss tips available: patients can learn how to lose weight fast by making the switch to a healthy lifestyle. hCG diets are medically supervised weight loss plans that target abnormal fat deposits such as hard to reach inner thighs and excess belly fat. By following the protocol prescribed in hCG diets and the Diet Doc’s simple weight loss tips, patients can experience safe and rapid weight loss.

The recent study out of Wake Forest School of Medicine considered the correlation between body composition, mobility loss and high mortality rates focusing on statistics that indicate a 12% higher mortality rate as mobility declines in older adults. Over a period of four years, lead author, Kristen Beavers, Ph.D., and her colleagues collected data from 2,306 older adults measuring mobility and body composition. The data indicated a clear decrease in mobility with increased thigh fat and decreased thigh muscle. Beavers and her researchers concluded that increased thigh fat is a clear indicator of gait-speed decline, implying that thigh fat is a significant contributor to mobility loss and a higher mortality risk. Diet Doc hCG diets effectively remove fat buildup from stubborn areas, such as the thighs, and teach patients basic weight loss tips to learn how to lose weight fast thereby relieving those factors contributing to fat infiltration in the thighs.

Diet Doc hCG diet plans use a potent, naturally occurring hormone found in women during pregnancy to successfully suppress patients’ appetites. During pregnancy, the hCG hormone acts as a protective barrier for a fetus that may not have access to adequate calories and nutrition by providing nutrients from the mother’s stored fat while leaving her muscle and structural fat intact. For those looking to learn how to lose weight fast, the hCG hormone naturally mobilizes hard to reach fat stores in the stomach and thighs instead of muscle and structural fat. Diet Doc’s experts have taken research from the 1950s and combined it with today’s advanced science and technology to create the most advanced, effective version of hCG diets available today.

Combining the hCG hormone with a personalized meal plan, developed specifically for each patient by a Diet Doc nutritionist, teaches patients how to lose weight fast while ridding the body of unnecessary fat deposits and creating the basis for a lifestyle centered around healthy eating. The Diet Doc’s weight loss tips include extensive information and support so when the program is complete, patients will not only have achieved significant weight loss, but will also have learned how to lose weight fast and how to shop for and prepare healthy and nutritious meals.

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