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How to Lose Weight Using Intermittent Fasting the Eat Stop Eat Way Explained by Improved Website


Miami, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/06/2014 -- The makers of http://intermittentfastingreviews.com/, a website dedicated to helping its readers learn more about the weight loss world, recently announced their decision to improve the website. The website had many changes made to its overall look, added new articles, and created a guide to help people choose a weight loss program to follow.

IntermittentFastingReviews.com’s latest articles discuss trending topics in the weight loss industry, including juice cleansing for weight loss, water fasting, and many expert reviews of popular weight loss programs. For example, one of the website’s latest articles about Juice Cleanse Recipes, “Juice Cleanse Recipes – Do They Actually Promote Weight Loss?” explores the subject of cleansing and detoxification through juicing. The blog post provides in-depth looks into the purpose of a juice cleanse, its healing effects, and the best diets in the industry.

“Any kind of juice cleanse or detoxification program should be discussed with your doctor before using,” stated the article. However, it added an important disclaimer: since ingredients in juice cleanse recipes are natural, because of the low calorie intake, participants may find themselves feeling tired, nauseous, or dizzy.

“Not many people are able to stay on any kind of juice cleanse recipe for very long, since it can take a toll on the body. Cleanses can be effective for people who want to lose a large amount of weight very quickly, but they do not result in fat loss whatsoever.”

IntermittentFastingReviews.com also explores other types of popular intermittent diets, such as the Eat Stop Eat diet and Water Fasting For Weight Loss. Intermittent fasts are becoming better liked since they simultaneously help people to lose weight and detoxify their bodies. The website’s articles are well known for being thoroughly researched and unbiased.

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