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How to Lose Weight Without Withdrawal Symptoms

The brain can become very manipulative when eliminating carbohydrates from the diet causing many to abandon their weight loss goals. Diet Doc teaches their patients how to lose weight without withdrawal symptoms


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/01/2014 -- Because the mind and the body are inseparable, when behavior is changed and long term patterns are eliminated, one may feel a loss of their general sense of normalcy. The brain can be very manipulative, encouraging a return to old behavior by producing physical withdrawal symptoms. With this in mind, Diet Doc created their diet plans that teach patients how to lose weight without withdrawal symptoms.

Even those people with the best laid weight loss intentions can find the initial carbohydrate withdrawal symptoms too difficult to handle, many times leading them to abandon their goal to lose excess fat. Because the brain reacts to refined carbohydrates, artificial sweeteners and sugars in much the same way that drug addicts react to cocaine or heroin, patients may experience withdrawal symptoms that can include flu or hangover-like symptoms, headache, fatigue, irritability, muscle and joint aches, brain fog, nausea and, of course, strong cravings for comfort foods. And those with addictive personality types will be even more sensitive to the elimination of these foods from their diet and more likely to experience carbohydrate withdrawal symptoms.

Diet Doc's mission is to help people win the battle against obesity and has developed their diet plans that are based on decades of scientific weight loss research combined with modern medical understanding. Their professional and dedicated staff work in collaboration to help patients learn how to lose weight without withdrawal symptoms, ensuring a smooth and comfortable transition into a new, slimmer body without ever feeling discouraged or ready to give up on their weight loss goals.

Diet Doc's diet plans are personalized and encompass many facets of eating behaviors. By working closely with each patient, the company's doctors uncover the real reason for weight gain. Diet Doc has been successful in helping people throughout the country improve their emotional and physical health with specialized diet plans that target emotional eaters, identifying why the patient turns to food for comfort, those who are just too busy to take the time to plan healthy, low calorie meal plans and those who have unsuccessfully tried every fad diet plan on the market and have simply given up on ever losing excess fat.

Patients begin their journey by consulting online with a Diet Doc physician. They are then paired with a certified nutritionist to create meal and snack plans that are easy to follow and fit comfortably into the patient's lifestyle. Finally, they are introduced to their team of experts who are eager to teach them how to lose weight without withdrawal symptoms and always available to lend their unlimited support, guidance and encouragement.

Because removing carbohydrates as the body's primary fuel source can result in metabolic changes resulting in withdrawal symptoms, many patients will be eligible to enhance their diet with Diet Doc's prescription hormone treatments, diet pills and appetite suppressants. These treatments eliminate the urge to reach for comfort foods and help patients smoothly and comfortably transition into ketosis while learning how to lose weight without withdrawal symptoms. Although ketosis may sound dangerous, it is merely the state in which the body begins turning to stored fat for energy. Diet Doc patients typically reach ketosis within the first week with many noticing the loss of fat in the hard to reach areas within days.

By getting back to basics, cleansing the body of dangerous toxins, teaching their patients how to incorporate healthy foods into their menu and how to lose weight without withdrawal symptoms, patients nationwide are losing weight at an amazing pace and looking and feeling better than ever before.

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