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Unlike many popular fad diets, Diet Doc believes in achieving the best weight loss naturally, through complete renovation and repair of unhealthy lifestyles where patients learn how to lose weight and how to maintain their weight for the future.


Escondido, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/08/2013 -- Diet Doc’s hCG diet plans offer patients a solution for how to lose weight safely and effectively by balancing the body’s metabolic state through nutrient rich snacks and meals and use of the naturally occurring hormone, hCG. The company understands that the key to efficient weight reduction is not through a fad diet or through dangerous calorie restrictive diets, Diet Doc’s prescription hCG diets focus on losing weight naturally through the complete renovation and repair of unhealthy and inactive lifestyles coupled with a clinically superior weight loss system.

There are many admired weight loss diets promoted through the media including the Atkins Diet, the South Beach Diet the fast diet. These diets gain and lose popularity as their dieters gain and lose weight. The Atkins Diet, one of the many popular fad diets, encourages eliminating carbohydrates from meal plans while the South Beach Diet focuses on consuming the correct amount of fats and carbohydrates. The ideas behind fad diets are often backed by research and experience; however, completely removing a food group from a diet indefinitely can be difficult and may be one reason that fad dieters are unlikely to maintain weight elimination for significant periods of time. It is also possible that other diets may work for certain types of dieters and Diet Doc's hCG weight loss diets take this theory into consideration for every weight loss program it develops. As each patient has their own personal makeup, each patient will require a personalized program to achieve balance, their best weight loss, and learn how to lose weight fast and maintain that weight for the future.

Diet Doc hCG diets were created to educate patients on how to lose weight the safest and quickest way possible for their body type and current medical state. Through healthy meal plans and prescription hCG, Diet Doc physicians, nurses and certified nutritionists offer help with how to lose weight and help with maintaining that weight long-term. Diet Doc believes that learning how each patient’s body processes food intake, how each patient’s body metabolizes food and drink, and the speed at which their body performs these functions is key to designing effective hCG diets that will not only help patients learn how to lose weight and achieve their best weight loss, but will also help patients keep the weight off long-term.

Diet Doc agrees with some of the science behind how to lose weight used in other nutrition plans such as the Paleo diet, and often incorporates that science into weight loss programs where it is appropriate. If eliminating, reducing or balancing a certain food group leads to a patient’s best weight loss, the certified nutritionists that developed the patient’s personalized meal plan will monitor the progress being made and the comfort and acclimation the patient experiences.

In addition to determining what it takes for each patient to reach their best weight loss, the Diet Doc team provides unlimited support, guidance and encouragement six days per week to monitor progress and answer any questions that may arise during the patient’s hCG diet plan. Diet Doc believes that science, combined with the support of weight reduction experts will help clients achieve their best weight loss as well as a healthy and active lifestyle.

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