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hCGTreatments / Diet Doc hCG Diets & Weight Loss Plans Now Announce Better Education for How to Lose Weight to Slow the Progress of Kidney Disease

Patients using hCG diets learn how to lose weight through the dedicated Diet Doc team of weight loss professionals that is committed to guiding patients toward weight loss and ending negative health consequences.


Escondido, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/11/2013 -- The Diet Doc team is committed to furthering patient education on how to lose weight, how to develop a healthy lifestyle and how to become a happier, more productive person through nutritious and sensible eating habits. There are many reported benefits for learning how to lose weight including lowering blood pressure, decreasing risks for developing some types of cancer and now, researchers have recently discovered, a possible reduction in the progress of kidney disease. Diet Doc hCG diets help patients learn how to lose weight and experience the endless health benefits associated with weight loss through prescription grade hCG treatments, healthy snacks and meal plans and the unlimited support of the Diet Doc team.

As reported this week by News Fix, researchers with the Cleveland Clinic in Ohio reviewed the numerous studies linking obesity with kidney disease and found that weight loss through diet and exercise contributed to a significant reduction in kidney damage. One sign of kidney damage, excessive protein in a patient’s urine, exhibited a sharp decrease in subjects who reported losing weight and may signify improved urine filtration through the kidneys and a slower progression of kidney disease. Those affected by kidney disease may require blood filtration through dialysis or even kidney transplant surgery as kidney disease progresses.

hCG diets encourage healthy results through education, teaching patients how to lose weight fast while promoting healthy food choices and a lasting dietary change. Certified nutritionists make achieving weight loss goals easier than ever with hCG diet plans through realistic and satisfying meal plans designed specifically around each patient’s age, gender, health history and lifestyle preferences. Patients will learn how to lose weight through the dedicated Diet Doc team that is always available to guide patients toward the freedom of unwanted weight gain and the unfortunate health consequences that accompany it.

Diet Doc’s professional weight loss experts are available for support, guidance and encouragement six days per week to assure patients of their progress and answer any questions patients may have on how to lose weight safely and rapidly. Physicians, nurses and certified nutritionists monitor progress through continued communication and reevaluation to help clients achieve their weight loss goals. The Diet Doc team is confident in the benefits offered through hCG diets including reduced rates of hypertension, improved interpersonal relationships and now, a slowing down in the progression of kidney disease. Diet Doc has become the nation’s leader in physician designed and supported medical weight loss and has succeeded in helping thousands of Americans safely and quickly reach their weight loss goals.

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