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hCGTreatments / Diet Doc hCG Diets & Weight Loss Plans Now Teach How to Lose Weight Fast by Providing in Depth Information on Food Calorie Content That Many Don't Realize when Eating Out

Diet Doc’s weight loss diets are planned and monitored by physicians and certified nutritionists that educate patients on how to lose weight by providing thorough information on calorie content that many don’t realize while cooking or eating out, according to a new study.


Escondido, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/05/2013 -- With most moms and dads in the work force today, families have grown accustomed to eating out more than they did in the past. Unfortunately, eating out makes it difficult for those trying to figure out how to lose weight to know the nutritional value and calorie content for the foods they are consuming. A new study points to this widespread family meal pattern and suggests that eating out, in addition to larger portion sizes, is significantly contributing to the nation’s obesity epidemic. Diet Doc’s hCG weight loss diets help families learn how to lose weight fast by educating them on healthy eating habits and the calorie content of their favorite foods. Because hCG diets are designed around each patient’s personal requests, clients can continue consuming their favorite foods while still learning how to lose weight safely and effectively.

As reported by the New York Times, recent surveys found evidence suggesting that families have gradually begun to increase the amount of food calories consumed eating out at fast food and full services restaurants as well as the amount of calories they consume overall. Studies imply that most families are eating out five times per week and, as most restaurants do not list calorie or nutrient content on their menus, it is difficult to determine how many calories are being consumed.

Those trying to learn how to lose weight may consider that, according to this new article, eating out one meal a week can add two extra pounds per year. Diet Doc’s hCG weight loss diets not only help clients learn how to lose weight through healthy eating and medically supervised weight management aids, they also provide extensive education on the nutrient content of foods that help patients lose weight and feel full and satisfied.

After completing an extensive questionnaire, potential patients will consult with a Diet Doc physician to review previous health history and medical concerns to determine whether there are any internal imbalances that may contribute to weight gain or inhibit the client from losing weight. During this consultation, physicians will determine which weight management aids are most appropriate for patients’ weight loss diets and discuss with the patient the most effective path for them to learn how to lose weight safely and effectively.

Patients will also work closely with weight management coaches, including certified nutritionists who are specially trained in the causes of weight gain and how the body responds to weight loss diets. Diet Doc’s certified nutritionists spend time educating the patient on the nutritional value of healthy foods, calorie content and which food will be most beneficial for them during their weight loss diet and continuing even after they achieve initial weight management goals.

Diet Doc’s goal is to provide patients with information that they can carry into their everyday lives, including making educated decisions when cooking or when eating out. With statistics indicating that many people who are successful in learning how to lose weight fail to maintain their weight over time, patients are searching for education on lasting weight management solutions. Diet Doc’s hCG weight loss diets allow patients to not only lose weight quickly, they also provide a solid healthy living framework for patients to incorporate into their routine to maintain their weight for the future.

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