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hCGTreatmentes / Diet Doc hCG Diet & Weight Loss Plans Now Educate Patients on How to Lose Weight to Reduce Health Insurance Premiums

Diet Doc’s new weight loss plans can help patients learn how to lose weight and improve their health to potentially receive lower health insurance premiums, according to a new study.


Escondido, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/03/2013 -- People are always searching for ways to save money but with the rising costs of health insurance, many aren’t looking for savings with their insurance providers. A recent survey where health insurance providers told patients to lose weight or pay twenty percent more for coverage garnered a lot of attention and left people searching for how to lose weight fast. Diet Doc offers clients a combination of medically supervised weight management aids and education on healthy living and how to lose weight safely and effectively for their personal needs. Beginning a weight loss plan will not only decrease weight related health concerns and improve self-confidence; it can also save money on health insurance payments.

People insured by Blue Care Network were offered discounts on their health insurance premiums if they lost weight, over 6,000 signed up for weight loss plans. Senior author of the program, Dr. Caroline Richardson, an assistant professor in the department of family medicine at the University of Michigan told Medical Daily, "Wellness interventions like this clearly hold significant promise for encouraging physical activity among adults who are obese.” While these specific subjects chose to participate in a walking program, the overarching goal of the offer was clear: lose weight and save money on health insurance. Diet Doc understands that the road to learning how to lose weight can be challenging and created hCG weight loss plans to offer patients and easier, faster alternating for losing weight.

hCG weight loss plans combine the powerful appetite suppressant hCG diet with education on how to lose weight effectively through healthy eating plans and lifestyle changes. When used as a weight management tool in weight loss plans, hCG suppresses patients’ appetites allowing them to consume fewer calories and reevaluate their current eating habits. Many clients have developed unhealthy eating habits over time and simply do not know how to take the first step in transforming their routines to learn how to lose weight. Temporarily suppressing the appetite gives patients the time they need to understand how to lose weight by eating foods high in energy content and protein that leave them feeling fuller and more satisfied for longer periods of time.

Patients losing weight with hCG weight loss plans will have unlimited access to Diet Doc’s team of weight management professionals six days per week. Physicians, nurses and certified nutritionists are always available to answer questions about hCG weight loss plans, offer suggestions for effective weight management or simply provide support and encouragement throughout this life changing journey. Whether patients are interested in lowering health insurance premiums or are looking for a complete lifestyle change, Diet Doc is committed to helping each patient achieve their goals.

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